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Best Ways to Store Bread

Submitted by Elizabeth on August 3, 2010

Nutritional Value of Bread: Bread is something that has become an indispensable part of our lives as far as food is concerned. Besides being tasty and the hot favorite among the kids, bread is also loaded with a lot of nutrition. Bread is made from different items like wheat flour, whole wheat, or at times by combining both of these flours. Not just kids but even adults equally love bread.

Bread is a major source of fiber, iron, and vitamins and is not so high on fat either.

With so much of nutrition, isn’t it important to store it well so that you are able to relish this loaf of bread?

Best Way to Store Bread: Pan breads, if wrapped tightly and if kept at room temperature, stay fresh for days to come. If you keep bread in a fridge, it can get spoiled sooner as the refrigerator has a tendency to turn the bread stale faster.

Storage of Bread: Freshly baked breads that you intend to eat immediately can be stored by wrapping it neatly in a clean towel.

This maintains the freshness of the bread. If you get sliced bread, preserve the bread in its original packaging to keep it fresh. Store it in a cool dark place at room temperature.

Keep only those breads in the fridge that have meat or other fillings else the fillings will go stale soon. Preserve breads with crusty bases in paper bags that allow them to breathe. If you plan to freeze the bread, make sure you wrap them in an air-tight container.

Freezing breads at zero degree temperatures keeps them fresh for months to come. Avoid thawing bread in a microwave as the bread tends to get overheated and may eventually dry out, thereby resulting in roughening of the bread.

For storing breads, you can also use zipper-style plastic bags as they help in preserving the bread better. If you wish to have dry crumbs, do not store the bread in it as moisture will not escape and the bread will not mold. Never store warm bread in plastic bags or wraps. Wait till the bread cools down completely or else the condensation will form in the bag and this will encourage mold development.

Avoid storing bread in paper bags as they encourage drying out of the bread. This is a good way to store if you wish to make bread crumbs or croutons. Bread keepers are the ideal place to store bread as they provide the dark and cool atmosphere that bread needs. They help in storing breads up to one week. There are many ways to store bread however it is a better idea to eat the bread on the same day instead of storing it as bread is fresh and the fun of eating a fresh loaf of bread is priceless.

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