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Start Healthy Stay Healthy

Submitted by Serena Mason on July 14, 2010

All of us know that it is always good to be healthy. In order to maintain good health, you need to follow good eating habits. All parents are always concerned about the health of their children.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to inculcate healthy eating habits in your children. You must start inculcating good habits in your kids from the very beginning.

Early childhood is the best time to teach your children to eat healthy. Constant reinforcement and an emphasis on healthy eating choices at home will ensure that your kids continue to eat healthy even after they have left home.

Here are some ways in which you can prepare healthy meals for your kids and inculcate healthy food habits in them:

  • A healthy diet for kids should contain all the crucial vitamins, minerals, adequate fats, and proteins. In order to ensure that your kids get all these essential macronutrients, you can consult a qualified dietician or you yourself can prepare a dietary chart for your kids.
  • In the diet do include fruits such as apple, grapes, banana, strawberry, and other seasonal fruits. Give them fresh fruit juices at least two to three times a day.
  • Always include green vegetables in your children’s diet.

    You can steam cook the vegetables for maximum benefits. Some of the green leafy vegetables must be included in salads so as to give them the crucial minerals required for the growth of body in childhood. Some children have a tendency to refrain from eating green vegetables.

    If this is the case with your kids, you should educate them about the health benefits of green vegetables.
  • Some children face the problem of obesity even in the early stage of childhood. In such a case, you should inculcate in them the habit of not eating junk foods, red meat, and foods that contain excessive fats. Avoid feeding them butter and other milk products.

    Butter milk will be a better option as it does not contain fats, has all the other nutrients of milk, and has a great taste as well.
  • You should remember that the kids learn their eating habits from their parents. Lead by example and eat healthy yourself. This will encourage your kids to eat healthy as well.
  • When you eat out at restaurants, try to make healthy food choices as well. As far as possible, avoid eating fast food and junk food. Ask for small portions and eat a lot of low fat salads.
By following these guidelines you can inculcate healthy food habits in your children and ensure that they eat healthy too.
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