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Diet and Remedies to Cure Burning Sensation While Urinating

Submitted by Stella Morgan on April 25, 2011

Burning Urine Remedy

Burning urine is a characteristic symptom of a urinary tract infection. The bladder, which is made up of stretchable muscles, holds urine. However, there may be occasional pains in the bladder when you have urinary tract infection. As the urine flows out from the bladder to the urethra, there may be a painful burning sensation. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important that you see a doctor or a urologist.

While most often this is a symptom of bladder infection, it can also be symptomatic of any other condition.

Here are some natural burning urine remedies.

• Drinking the juice of jackfruit can help you get rid of the bladder infection. This is a useful burning urine remedy that can eventually help in improving the burning sensations in your urine.
• Another useful burning urine remedy is cauliflower.

Cooked cauliflower can help control the bacteria that cause micturition.
• Bitter gourd is also a useful burning urine remedy that can relieve the burning sensations of the flow of urine.
• Cook rice in excess water and remove the water after the rice is cooked.

To this water, add sugar and drink it. This too relieves the burning sensation that occurs when you urinate.
• A herbal home remedy for burning urine is wheat water. Simply soak about 10 grams of wheat in a glass of water.

Leave it overnight, in the morning strain the wheat and drink the water with sugar.
• Drink raw milk with equal quantity of water added to it. This too can reduce the burning sensation in the urine.
• Indian gooseberry juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drink at least 60 ml of this juice everyday with honey. About 60ml of this juice mixed with about 30 grams of honey is sufficient for a single dose.
• Burning urine treatment should be sought from a doctor. The treatment of a urinary tract infection can completely cure the burning sensation that you may be feeling. Cranberry juice is known to be an excellent remedy for burning urine. Use this remedy to ensure that the urinary tract is rid of any bacteria or viruses that may be causing the burning sensation in your urine.
• Drink lots of fluids everyday. Drinking at least 10 liters of water everyday can help get rid of urinary tract infection completely and will also keep your body well hydrated.
• Drink the juice of fresh pomegranate to relieve the itching and burning feeling when urinating.
• Burning urine healing can be promoted by boiling one cup of raw barley in water and drinking the resultant syrup. Do this everyday to promote healing faster.
• Coriander is also an effective burning pee remedy. Soak about 15gms of coriander in water, grind it and strain it in the morning. To this juice, add sugar and drink the syrup.
• The juice of water melon, with added sugars, is also an excellent remedy for burning urine. Drink this everyday till the burning sensation subsides.

While these are some of home remedies for burning urine, remember that a burning sensation while urine a symptom and not the problem itself. Hence, you must consult a doctor and get treatment for the underlying cause. The home remedies can be used complimentary with the medical treatment.

Dysuria, a common condition, is typically characterized by painful urination in which there is a burning sensation. This is a common, though often misdiagnosed problem in both men and women. Usually, this symptom is caused due to any kind of infection, although this might not always be the case.

Some of the common causes of dysuria include vulvitis, kidney stone, gonorrhea, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, kidney stones, cancer in the prostate gland, chlamydia, urethritis, stones in the bladder, kidney or liver infections, genital herpes, yeast infection in the vagina, enlargement of the prostrate, trichomoniasis, urinary tract infection, interstitial cystitis, and dermatitis that affects the groin region.

You may need to contact your physician if you see blood in the urine. However, if blood is not present, dysuria may be treated by following a specific diet aimed at curing the infection. A person who is suffering from dysuria should consume a diet which contains lots of fiber and fluids. Water and fluids help cleanse the kidneys and flush out toxins. There may be an infection in the kidneys and therefore it is best to avoid stressing them. People who experience a burning sensation while urinating are usually asked to abstain from consuming pulses and beans. During your treatment, you should also refrain from eating other forms of proteins. Pumpkin and gourd, especially of the white variety, should be given to the patient. These vegetables can be given in the cooked form or in the form of soups.

In addition to the white gourd, also avoid green vegetables like radish greens, fenugreek, and spinach. Lady fingers and tomatoes should also be avoided, since they can cause mineral formations, adding to any existing stones. If you have constipation along with dysuria, add some fiber to your diet. Drink nearly eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. When the volume of urine increases, it can cleanse the kidneys and the pain may reduce. However, cut down on the quantity of water that you drink at night. Avoid oily or spicy foods, because these take a long time to get digested. Cardamom, chicken soup, barley, wheat, and parboiled rice can be consumed regularly.

Along with a healthy diet, the patient should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Go for regular walks or do light exercises everyday. When you pair physical activity with a healthy diet, you increase your immunity so that the body can fight off infections. This also helps you flush out toxins from your body.

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