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Food Precautionary Measures For Congenital Heart Disease

Submitted by Stella Morgan on June 3, 2010

Causes of Congenital Heart Disease: Congenital heart disease is a problem where the heart is defective at the time of birth. Defects in the heart can cause long term health related problems. A person may also go through life with a heart defect and not suffer any consequences or side effects. Some heart defects require surgery for correction, while others may be managed on medication or may not be significantly relevant. However, when a person is diagnosed with such a condition, precautions should be exercised throughout life in order to make sure that the condition does not lead to any health emergency such as heart failure.

Importance of Food: Food is essential for every living organism.

In the modern world, food is freely available to most people and is not scarce. A modern lifestyle is sedentary and has led us to consume more food than our bodies are using. This results in unfit people who may be overweight and whose bodies are not properly toned.

This in turn has an effect on the functioning of body organs such as the heart. The heart is also affected by the type of food one eats. High cholesterol levels are responsible for heart disease and even possibly strokes.

Some people are susceptible to high blood pressure because of the excess levels of salt in one’s diet. Thus in order to protect oneself from a potential problem of the heart, one should change the type of food one is eating and follow a healthy and balanced diet. There are two types of approaches that one needs to use in order to prevent heart disease.

Firstly one should avoid foods that are known to be bad. Meat and dairy products, especially beef and eggs are full of fat and cholesterol. These foods are just two examples of the kind of food that can cause cholesterol related disease. Salty foods and deep fried foods should be avoided as both of these are clearly linked with heart problems.

Secondly, one can adopt a nourishment technique which involves eating healthy food to nourish your heart as well as exercising to make sure your heart is in as fit a condition as possible. Exercise should be undertaken only after due consultation with a doctor. However, eating healthy is not something that requires medical sanction. You can consume fruits and vegetables that have anti-oxidant properties like strawberries. Most fruits and vegetables have anti oxidant properties. They are also full of vitamins and minerals that are vital to a healthy body. A healthy body is likely to put less strain on the heart.
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