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Foods To Avoid For Asthma

Submitted by Stella Morgan on June 2, 2010

Asthma is a type of allergic reaction that can be quite dangerous to a person who suffers from it. Asthma causes the throat lining to become inflamed. In serious attacks, the throat can constrict up to a point where it is not possible to breathe. Thus asthma sufferers tend to have a nebulizer with them which can calm the inflamed surface down and open the air passage, which permits breathing to return to normal. A nebulizer sprays an anti histamine substance into the throat which relieves the inflammation.

Asthma is specific to a person who is suffering from it. This means that a particular stimulus like dust or paint vapors in the air will cause a reaction in an asthma patient but not in a person unaffected by this problem. This becomes an issue as an asthma patient may suffer from attacks just about anywhere and in seemingly healthy living conditions.

Asthma and Diet: When you suffer from asthma it is necessary to pay attention to your diet as this can help you reduce your symptoms. An obvious thing to do is to make a list of food that causes food related allergies in you. Generally speaking, asthma patients are more likely to suffer from other allergic reactions as the level of histamines in their blood is elevated when they are exposed to an allergen and this can cause them to react to some other allergen that is simultaneously present.

Strictly avoid foods that have caused an allergic reaction to occur in your body. Some foods also trigger asthma like reaction and these must also be avoided strictly.

Asthma and Food: You can consume foods that are anti inflammatory in nature.

Onion and garlic are two ingredients that have a property that causes the reduction in inflammations and are used as a remedy for digestive distress as well. Foods that are rich in vitamin c are recommended for asthma patients as they also tend to be anti inflammatory. Spicy foods can cause watering of the mouth. This sensation is enjoyable to some people and also causes this fluid to line the throat. It is the body’s defense against the extreme pungent substance but it also acts to reduce the irritation felt in the throat when a person is having a mild attack or is just prior to an attack. An asthma diet should also limit the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Any food that is difficult to swallow should be avoided as these can irritate the throat.
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