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How to Switch Over to Healthy Kids' Snacks

Submitted by Serena Mason on May 28, 2010

Kids and teens today have a fast lifestyle. Between their school, homework, sports, hanging out with friends and after school activities they hardly get enough time to have a wholesome meals. To top it all they love fast food, junk food and eating out. Most of the time you see them on the go; grabbing a burger or fries. Amidst all this busy life of theirs, healthy food habits go for a toss.

But it is possible to eat a few healthy snacks. If they have a hectic schedule, then health is of utmost importance. Packed lunch is not all that boring if you just make it a bit more different and interesting from the usual.

With a few healthy and tasty ideas, getting packed lunch to school can be fun.

Healthy Lunch for Kids: Starch carbohydrates can give long lasting energy. Start the packed lunch with some of these. Try something different for a change instead of the usual bread.

Try pitas, bagels, bread rolls, wraps, ciabatta and baguettes. Try to make some of them whole meal or multigrain. Even a mix of whole meal and white can be tried out.

Now add some proteins to it. Add some lean meat, fish, few vegetables, fruits and cheese. You can try certain ideas like cheddar cheese and apple slices or brie and cranberry sauce or jam. Mozzarella and grilled peppers or cottage cheese with apricot will be just great. Try cooking chicken or turkey and add a little mustard, lettuce and tomato to it. You can also try tuna with green pepper, sweet corn, cucumber and tomato. Try having at least five fruits a day. Add some variety of fruits to your packed lunch. Try having different fruits every day. You need not always pick an apple or an orange. Try kiwi, mangoes, pears, melons, grapes or even dry fruits. Finish the lunch with some drink. Water or milk is the best drink one can have. So you can add something that makes it more interesting. Try milkshakes and fruit juices. Make yogurt drinks or smoothies.

Make sure that you keep the packed lunch cool. Use some icepacks or a frozen carton of juice to keep it cool or else you can find someplace cool in the school where you can keep it. And finally, remember even if food is healthy it should still be in moderation. Have regular healthy meals and snacks. Do not overeat, or skip meals. Do not go for long periods without eating.
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