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Wedding Day Diet - What to Choose?

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on October 25, 2010

Wedding Day Diet

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of an individual. Besides being a once in a lifetime occasion the need for it to be the best is even greater. It is therefore understandable that the person has the desire to make sure he or she is as aesthetically perfect as possible. It is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life, and takes a lot of planning as well as co-ordination to get perfect.

As a result, deliberating on factors like the kind of suit or wedding dress to be worn is usually something that has been thought over the course of a few months preceding the big day. Most people will also choose to trim their bodies, especially if they are overweight or obese, in an effort to look their best for the occasion.

As a result, wedding diet plans are a very common resource to fall back on when deciding to lose weight in a rather short span of time. Losing weight much before your wedding day can help you subconsciously deal much better with the stress leading up to wedding as it usually leads to one less aspect of worry. But before getting into the details of the best and more effective wedding diets, it is important to understand the factors that play a role in being overweight in the first place.

The two primary factors that lead to being overweight and, eventually, obesity – are the consumption of the wrong kinds of foods and a lack of any significant exercise. Consumption of the wrong kinds of foods are a common problem when we consider our daily lifestyle. Given the fact that we tend to lead very fast paced and hectic lives we mostly rely heavily on the convenience of fast foods that does not have any nutritional value at all.

A lack of exercise is usually another factor that develops as a result of heavily scheduled living.

Because of the fact that effective wedding diets are a very common desire, there are a number of bride diet plans and wedding weight loss diet plans. These wedding diet plans could be checked up online as well as in the health and living sections of your local bookstore.

Following such a wedding diet should prove very effective in helping you achieve your goal. Irrespective of which wedding diet plan you embark upon, they will all preach the same focus on ensuring that you eat the right kinds of foods in the right quantities to effectively suit your nutritional needs. 

Bridal Weight Loss Plans

Most brides/grooms in order to look their best on their wedding day tend to take the east way out and go on a crash or fad diet. The key to a successful wedding day diet is to first determine what is the ideal weight you want to be at on your wedding day. It is recommended that a weight loss of 1 1/2 to 2 pounds per week be set as the target as it is achievable and ideal for the body as well.

Once this target is set, the key to achieving this ideal weight is a healthy and well balanced diet supplemented by an exercise plan. A Wedding day diet should be rich in fruits like apples, grapefruits, grapes, vegetables and lean meats such as chicken, fish like tuna and turkey that do not have a high calorific value. Processed foods and dairy products high in fats are discouraged as they will end up making you bloated and dull. The bride/ groom should typically eat 4-5 mini meals during the day rather than starving themselves. This will keep the body satiated and reduce cravings which could have a disastrous effect on the diet. These small meals should ideally be made up of fresh vegetables like spinach and beans as well as lean meats so that the protein supply to the body is maintained which in turn ensures good muscle mass. The next step to a successful wedding day diet is to drink a significant quantity of water on a daily basis which will aid hydration of the skin, thereby giving it a youthful glow. Thereafter, an exercise plan covering both stamina building and cardiovascular activities needs to be designed. This exercise plan needs to be religiously followed for at least 2-3 times per week. Finally, encourage your body to burn calories rather than muscle by effectively managing your calorie intake. This can be achieved by increasing and lowering the amount of calories consumed every 2- 3 days. This prevents the body from thinking that you will deprive it of calories which will then cause it to start saving the calories in the body when they are consumed rather than burning them.

It is essential to realize that there are no shortcuts to looking good on your wedding day. This can be achieved only by following a balanced diet coupled, dedicated exercise regime and stress management activities for an overall sound body and mind.

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