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Food Precautionary Measures Cold Sores

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on May 27, 2010

Cold sores which are commonly known as fever blisters are typically caused by a viral infection. However, they may also be caused on account of non viral reasons such as anxiety, unhygienic living conditions and even high levels of psychological stress. These blisters which are generally found near the nose, lips and edges of the mouth are known to be painful and cumbersome. They are usually blister like, filled with fluid and sensitive to touch. Cold sores are highly contagious; hence an infected person should not touch the non infected parts of the body and should also keep his toiletries, towels, cutlery etc. separate from the other people living with him.

There are many natural homes remedies that aid in healing or minimizing the irritation associated with cold sores such as the use of tea bags, ice and household herbs.

Dieticians recommend avoiding acidic and salty foods as the acid present in them will further inflame the sores and slow down the healing process.  Foods like grains, chocolates, oatmeal, grains and nuts are known to have a very high content of arginine which is conducive to the spread of cold sores. Hence their consumption should be minimized or stopped completely. Arginine typically acts as the primary source of food for the cold sores without which they are incapable of surviving and multiplying.

Consumption of beverages like coffee and tea should also be avoided. Instead, it is suggested that a diet that is rich in vitamins especially vitamins E, C and A along with iron, zinc must be followed to combat cold sores. The diet should also be rich in green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, garlic and antioxidant rich foods but low on processed foods.

Another way of curbing the spread of cold sores is to consume foods rich in lysine such as milk, red meat, fish, papayas, beetroots etc. Lysine is a type of amino acid that the body utilizes to make proteins which in turn produce antibodies required to fight infections.

Dieticians also recommend a diet which includes cabbage, sprouts and broccoli as they are known to have significant levels of a compound called I3C (Indole 3 Carbinol).This compound is scientifically proven to arrest the spread of cold sores. The occurrence of cold sores is directly connected to ones immune system.

Hence a healthy diet plan should always be followed to keep the fitness and health levels of the body high.
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