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Foods To Avoid For Appendicitis Treatment

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on January 20, 2011

Appendicitis Treatment

Appendicitis can be described as a common ailment, in which a person’s appendix gets filled with pus, because of an inflammation. When this happens it causes a lot of pain in the abdominal region. If the condition is not attended to, within a period of 12 to 18 hours, it could become severe as it could rupture. While the exact cause of appendicitis is still not clear, health experts state that food is one of the factors that could play a key role in this condition. This is because an obstruction in the form of food waste or even a particularly hard piece of stool could get trapped in the cavity that runs through the length of the appendix.

At times, a gastrointestinal infection could trigger off appendicitis or other types of inflammation. Therefore, for those people who have gastrointestinal trouble, it is best to stay away from appendicitis foods to avoid.

Appendix foods to avoid

Although foods cannot really lead to or cause appendicitis, there are certain food items that have been known to exacerbate the problem, if it already exists.

Once a person is heading towards appendicitis, there is little that can be done to prevent it. Even adhering strictly to an “appendicitis foods to avoid” diet will only help in reducing the intensity of the condition to some extent. All suspected cases of appendicitis should be checked by a doctor without any delay, because if the appendix bursts, due to the inflammation, it could lead to a life threatening situation.

Most cases of appendicitis require hospitalization for at least a few days. In addition to other treatment, the doctor may need to put the patient on intravenous feeding at least for the first day or two. However, the patient’s appetite is only likely to return once the healing process begins.

As foods are introduced to the body, it is advisable to start off with broth and juice. After a short while, other clear liquids such as applesauce and gelatin may be permitted. As a patient works his or her way up to a normal diet, certain appendicitis foods to avoid should be considered and stayed away from. Given below is a brief list of the appendicitis foods to avoid:

• Alcohol
• Animal based foods, especially sources of animal protein
• Beverages like tea, coffee and carbonated drinks
• Black cohash herb, as it aggravates the inflammation
• Canned foods
• Cooked eggs, fried foods and fatty meats
• Foods that contain white flour or other refined cereal
• Gaseous foods like broccoli, beans and a few varieties of nuts
• Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with their skin on, i.e., they should be peeled before they are eaten
• Spices and condiments as they could lead to gas
• Sweets or any foods that contain sugar

While most medical caregivers recommend fresh fruit juices as soon as a patient is on the road to recovery, it is best to consult a doctor for appendicitis fruits to avoid. Apart from canned fruits and fruit juices, which are high in sugar, there may be other fruits that are not good for appendicitis. In fact, it is important to consult a doctor about an appendicitis diet to avoid as well as a diet that can speed up the recovery process.

The appendix is a pouch like organ in the shape of a finger which is present in the lower right hand side of the abdomen. Appendicitis is a medical condition wherein the appendix gradually fills up with pus and becomes swollen and inflamed. In the initial stages of appendicitis, the patient may experience pain in the lower right hand side of the abdomen which gradually increases in intensity. In most cases, appendicitis occurs on account of a tough piece of stool or even food waste getting trapped which acts as an obstruction. Additionally a poor diet comprising of foods that are low on vitamins such as oily foods, chocolates, white flour, alcohol, tobacco etc is best avoided while treating appendicitis.
Appendicitis treatment is most often based on the severity of the condition, with surgery being the last resort. Most people experiencing this condition begin by getting abdominal pain treatment as abdominal pain is the most common appendix symptom. Diet after Appendectomy consists of fresh fruits and vegetables as meats are tougher on the digestive system. Appendicitis can be kept at bay by following a diet that has high fiber content. The diet should include consumption of huge quantities of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits on a daily basis. On the other hand one should try and minimize the intake of harmful processed and dried foods .The individual should be vary of the intake of proteins via meats and should consume only a minimal amount. Appendicitis can also be prevented with a regular intake of natural sources of Vitamins B, E and C which help in keeping the body toxin free. If an individual is in the very initial stages of appendicitis then his diet should comprise of foods that are fully absorbed by the body thereby leaving behind a minimal amount of residue. Tough or coarse meals such as tough meats, oatmeal etc which add pressure on the intestine via accumulated waste should be avoided. Individuals already suffering from appendicitis should be put on a diet which has a high intake of vegetable juices such as the juices of radish, spinach and coriander leaves which should be consumed regularly. Appendicitis can be effectively handled by going on a diet that is purely made up of juicy fruits for at least 2- 3 days initially. During these days fresh fruits ought to be consumed regularly after 4-5 hour intervals along with a glass of milk in the morning and one glass just before going to bed. Sugarcane juice, sprouted vegetables, buttermilk etc are also foods that are easily absorbed by the body and hence prevent appendicitis.

A diet that is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and water is not only financially feasible but is also an effective way of taking care of appendicitis.

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