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Moderate Diet and Exercise Boosts Lifespan

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on May 7, 2010

It may surprise people to know that we don’t all have to live like ascetics to enjoy a long and healthy lifespan. The good news is that, for most people, a moderate diet when combined with moderate exercise can prove to be great for a longer and healthier life. The basic lifestyle choices that we make play an important part in the quality of life that we ultimately experience. Moderation is the key word here since the majority of the population can benefit from simple changes in their routines. Lifespan will ultimately depend on a number of complex and interacting factors.

It is no doubt that genetics does determine our longevity to a large extent as does geographical factors. Ultimately, basics like access to better healthcare and proper nutrition also impacts our lives. However, diet and exercise are two factors that we have the power to control.

When it comes to diet, we have all heard the myriad benefits of two key foods – fruits and vegetables. Now these are two varieties of food that genuinely give your health that much needed boost. The sheer variety of fruits and vegetables that are made available to people in today’s world make it so much easier for you to get what you need with regards to nutrition.

Basic rules include not overcooking your food, especially avoiding frying. There are healthier ways to cook foods, such as steaming or even grilling. The allure of a long life has captivated many individuals and cultures across the globe.

There are many tailor-made diets floating around these days, such as the longevity diet. One doesn’t have to blindly follow such diet plans but, instead, make healthier choices every single day. For instance, choose lean meats before you reach for dishes that contain red meat. It is important to note that calorie restriction is one factor that does increase longevity.

While in the short run, moderate exercise can help you get that healthier heart, in the long run, it can actually help you boost your lifespan. Moderate exercise is typically advisable and safe for the regular person. However, if this hasn’t been a part of your life till now, you might want to ask your physician before proceeding. Typically, one should commence with a walk. One can later increase frequency, intensity and strenuousness of one’s walk. Use a BMI calculator to assess whether one’s current Body Mass Index needs improvement. One could benefit from gradually adding more exercises and a variety of the same to one’s daily routine.
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