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Common excuses for not exercising

Submitted by Stella Morgan on April 19, 2010

Common excuses for not exercising

Exercise has many benefits such as increased energy, better moods, and a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a regular workout routine is imperative to long-term health, yet, it is so easy for us to exclude exercise from our daily lives.

Ten most common excuses for skipping exercise and along with ways to combat them are listed below:

1. No time: This is the most common excuse used by people to avoid exercising. It is entirely up to you to rearrange your time and spare half an hour every day for something so important. It is not a big deal as you waste time watching television or surfing the internet.

It finally comes down to scheduling and prioritizing your activities.

2. No equipment / gym membership: Many consider this excuse as a legitimate one, but going to the gym is not the only way to stay fit. You do not need any equipment to engage in physical activities that can give your body a good workout that can be as easy as walking, doing yoga or simple exercises; none of these require equipment.

3. No workout clothes: All you need is a t-shirt and sweat pants for exercising. You do not need any special clothes to exercise.

The only investment should be in buying comfortable shoes if you decide to jog or walk.

4. Do not know where to start:  You may find it hard to start your workout routine and may fail to use the equipment correctly. Therefore, it is important to educate yourself regarding workouts that fit your specific goals.

Find out details about workout equipment from various books, internet, and television shows, or use a personal trainer to get familiarized with proper workout routines and different equipment.

5. No stress: Exercise reduces stress chemicals in your body and does not tire your muscles. Exercise releases endorphins that help improve emotional stress and make you feel better.

6. Look awful while exercising: If you think, you look bizarre or awful while exercising, you must go to a gym and look at the people working out. Exercise makes people look good; it is better than sitting around, gaining weight. You need to be energetic and enjoy your workout; it will make you look happier and healthier. You must remember that your journey towards health and fitness is the most impressive of all.

7. Boring: Excuses appear more frequently when boredom sets in and motivation begins to wane. You can select any kind of physical activity that excites you such as dance lessons, martial arts, kayaking, ice-skating, swimming, and playing tennis. Exercise is a fitness regimen that ranges from the usual calisthenics to more activities that are enjoyable.

8. No visible results: You will not see results overnight, but if you avoid exercising, you will never see the results. Usually, it takes over 12 weeks to see significant changes, so your fitness goal should always be long-term .You must stick to your exercise program, which is an exhaustive challenge.

9. No exercise partner: You must enjoy what you do and not go by what your partner does, as it may affect your motivation if he or she is not as focused as you are. Still, if you feel that exercising with partners is fun, you must join a gym or go hiking, biking, or running in a club where you will find new partners.

10. Already skinny: Exercise is not only a way to get into shape. If you are naturally lean and do not exercise, you are still susceptible to certain health risks. Therefore, it is important even for skinny people to exercise.

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