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Diet Tips for Treating Painful Bitten Lips

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on March 18, 2010

Foods To Choose For Painful Lip Bites

Many individuals have the habit of lip biting. They usually do this when they experience nervousness or are trying to concentrate. Some may also bite their lip by accident and then soothe the sore area using the tongue and teeth. Such behavior is quite normal in most cases. However, some individuals may do this habitually and this can result in injury.

Lip biting syndrome refers to a long term persisting habit which result in inflammation, dryness, soreness and peeling of the lips. Others may cause injury to the lips through other actions such as using their fingernails to pick at them.

In most cases injury occurs on the lips without the individual even realizing it.

Most people tend to lick or bite the lower lip and as a result it generally suffers more damage than the upper lip. The symptoms arising from this problem may be either mild or severe. In some cases, individuals who cause repeated severe damage to their lips may suffer from poor mental health.

There are no oil glands present beneath the lips and as such they are prone to dryness. It is important to keep the lips hydrated by drinking increased amounts of water every day. Individuals with lip problems such as peeling or discoloration will benefit greatly from consuming a minimum of ten glasses of water daily.

This helps to flush toxins out of the body and keeps the skin and lips healthy. A healthy diet is also essential for good health of the lips.

Vitamin A is beneficial for the skin and lips and hence foods rich in this vitamin must be incorporated into the daily diet. It is advisable to consume plenty of fresh fruit juices on a daily basis. Smoking dries out the lips and also discolors them and as such must be avoided completely. Any signs of illness or dehydration immediately show up on the skin. Dehydration can occur due to excess exposure to the sun or due to certain illnesses.

Coffee and tea must be avoided as they can dehydrate the body. Also refrain from drinking carbonated drinks as these contain high amounts of acid which are harmful for the body and result in dehydration.

Besides proper diet, certain natural remedies may also be used to improve the health of the lips. Applying clarified butter to the lips before going to bed at night will keep them moisturized and soft. Gently massaging the lips with almond oil also helps in improving blood circulation in the area and keeps them supple.

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