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Weight Loss Tips For Women | Healthy Weight Loss For Girls And Teenagers

Submitted by Nick on February 25, 2010

Women Slimming And Beautification Tips

Weight loss is something that a lot of women struggle to achieve. There is no doubt that many women are unnecessarily critical of their bodies and consider themselves to be overweight even though they are not. However, it is certainly true that man other women do indeed have a weight problem and struggle to address it. The difficulty mainly arises from a lack of understanding of what it takes to lose weight – and to keep that weight off. So here are a few tips that should help you shed those excess pounds:

A long term, regular, healthy diet: Short term diets that are severely restrictive are not only useless, they damage your health and make it more difficult to lose weight in the long run.

What you need is a moderate diet plan that can be sustained, one that allows you to enjoy the foods you love, but keeps you from overindulging.

The idea is not to make yourself suffer. Periodically starving yourself or forcing yourself to eat foods that are unpleasant will achieve nothing.

Instead, you need to regularly eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish, and whole grain. Foods that are not particularly healthy need not be banned – simply restrict the portions and the frequency of these foods.

Exercise Daily: A healthy diet by itself will is unlikely to help you lose weight, and is certainly not going to drastically improve your fitness levels.

You need to not only restrict your calorie intake, but also burn more calories. Here again, you do not need to punish yourself. Find an activity that you enjoy, and engage in it daily for at least half an hour.

Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, sports, yoga – the options are endless.

Take Your Time: Understand that weight loss is a long term plan; it will never happen within a week or even within a month. Set a realistic healthy goal of around 3 pounds a month.

Avoid Stress: Stress plays havoc with your body processes and, for many women, directly wrecks weight loss plans by leading to “comfort eating”. Avoid getting stressed, and for the times when this is not possible, find another way to ease the stress.

Sleep: It is essential that you get adequate rest – a lack of sleep is one more thing that messes up your body's metabolism, besides making it more difficult to stick to a healthy diet and exercise schedule.
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