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Instant Chilled Iced Coffee

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 23, 2010

Chilled Iced Coffee Drink Anytime

Coffee serves as a great drink almost during any time of the day and majority of individuals are addicted to this beverage. Coffee can be served hot or cold and is very refreshing. Iced Coffee is a variation of preparing and serving cold coffee. This includes a process where the coffee is mixed with water, left for several hours and is then filtered.

This process is followed as it needs time for the coffee flavor to be mixed with water, unlike hot brewed coffee that depends on the heat to transfer the flavor.

Different countries have different likings towards the taste of coffee creating the rise to the ever growing popular versions of coffee. The most famous out of these are the ‘cappuccino’ or the ‘mocha’. 

These are very famous because of their time saving preparation recipe; where a cup of hot espresso is taken, mixed with the desired flavor and then poured into a cup containing ice. Iced coffee can either be served with blocks of ice or crushed ice.

It sounds tasty and is a yummy drink but the iced coffee drops the levels of health at an alarming rate affecting areas majorly the heart.

Though one may be under the impression that it’s just a simple cup with one part being coffee and the other part being milk and ice and a little sugar for sweetness, this cup contains more calories than your meals. It is therefore, extremely essential that you keep a tab on your consumption of coffee. There is a lot more that goes into one’s body than just those 3 simple ingredients.

According to researches, a high street coffee shop’s iced tea can contain up to 500 calories per serving which is alarmingly high. A lot of fingers can be pointed towards the liquid sweeteners used to make these drinks. Liquid sweeteners or also knows as High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is often used as a substitute for granulated sugar.

Since it tastes sweeter, it is economical for stores to use this as little amount of HFCS can substitute a larger amount of sugar. Therefore, hidden with the sweetness, high calorie content enters the body.

You can request at the counter of any coffee shop to provide the ordered coffee without the premixed sugar content. This way one can keep a tab on the intake of sugar and thus the intake of calories. To make the iced coffee at home, one can use skimmed milk to further reduce the calorie content, however, compromising on the taste of the drink.

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