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Vinegar Works As Fat Fighter

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 23, 2010

Organic Vinegar Health Benefits

A recent animal study found that vinegar contains acetic acid that may actually a help suppress a person’s body fat accumulation. The research finding was published as a part of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and it primarily compared mice that were on a high-fat diet. Those mice that were given acetic acid tended to develop 10 percent lesser body fat as compared to those mice that were not given acetic acid.

The results concluded that vinegar worked at the genetic level, thus increasing the thermogenesis in the liver and the fatty oxidation. Another study conducted in 2005, showed that vinegar was also related to weight control, where it benefitted those who were dieting by helping them to eat less and also to reduce the cravings they had.

Vinegar is a flavorful and unassuming condiment and is used for everything from dressing up salads to being an essential part of the diet in helping people shed the extra pounds of weight. There was a clinical trial that was conducted in the Arizona State University which discovered that those people swallowed a couple of teaspoons of vinegar just before eating their meals, ended up losing two pounds in just over four weeks. This finding was noteworthy as it had been conducted during the holiday season.

Some other studies that were conducted found that consuming vinegar prior to one’s meals helped in decreasing the person’s appetite thus causing the person to lose weight. The study showed how these people a smaller quantity of insulin being had released thus resulting in appetites decreasing correspondingly. Even for those who are following high fat diets, vinegar in these cases too, can prevent the body developing the fat component.

The study to prove this was conducted on lab mice.

These mice were fed vinegar along with a diet that was high in fat. The result showed that the mice that were fed vinegar gained lesser weight as compared to the mice that were not given any vinegar, thus resulting in the researchers concluding that a definite connection was valid. Vinegar is also known to have a fat burning connection.

Tomoo and Johnston Kondo conducted a study in the year 2009 that showed that the acetic acid that is found in vinegar may be the main cause of vinegar working as a fat burner on people. When acetic acid is introduced into a person’s body, certain proteins are released. These proteins aid in processing the fat thus preventing the fat from accumulating. This finally results in the person losing weight.

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