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Healthy Foods and on the Go Snacks for Kids

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 10, 2010

Healthy Foods For Kids And On The Go Snacks

The busier and more hectic our work schedules get, the lesser time and attention we are able to devote to the food we eat. Coupled with a mostly sedentary lifestyle, a faulty diet can lead to problems like indigestion, intestinal disorders, weight gain and obesity, high blood pressure, and high level of blood sugar and cholesterol. Thus, it is necessary that we take care to eat food that does not require too much time to cook but is, at the same time, healthy and nutritious.

A few simple dietary tips and rules should be followed to keep your meals simple but fulfilling. Do not opt for ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook packaged foodstuff even if you are hard pressed for time.

Such processed food items often contain artificial additives and preservatives and a high salt and sugar content, which may raise the level of toxins and harmful fats in body in the long run and lead to complications.

Stay away from deep fried snacks and highly sweetened drinks as they only add to your calorie intake without making any significant nutritional contribution to your diet. You should have a simple but adequate breakfast.

Nuts and cereals soaked in some fresh skimmed milk are good options. You may replace milk with a small cup of yoghurt if you want a healthier alternative. You may also eat sprouts every morning as they are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and natural fibers.

Eating a couple of raw apples or oranges, or drinking a glass of homemade, unsweetened juices of these fruits at breakfast is also recommended. You may also have a half-boiled egg to complete your breakfast, as this is a natural source of proteins.

Eating a couple of raw tomatoes every morning is also suggested for those who wish to lose weight naturally.

It is better to eat several small meals at regular intervals throughout the day rather than just a couple of large meals in order to avoid overeating. As a mid-day snack, you can have a couple of unsalted crackers and some fruit. Apples, carrots, guavas or bananas are good options.

If you want to avoid starch, you may replace rice with a few slices of whole-wheat bread for lunch. You may have steamed vegetables like cabbage and beans to go with the bread or some vegetable soup if you find the bread too dry. For dinner, have a small cup of steamed rice with sautéed vegetables, with lean meats or fish on alternate nights. 

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