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How to Choose Foods with Season for Better Health

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 9, 2010

All Season Food Produce To Choose Foods For New Season

Fruit and vegetables are usually the primary constituents of every one’s diets. While most meats are available all through the year, the plant products are not that easy to find. With every new season, you see new type of foods in the stores and food stands.

While it can be a pain to not find your favorite foods in a particular season, this can also be seen as something good. For years, doctors and dieticians have appealed to people to eat seasonal foods instead of packaged or imported foods. This is because it’s always better to eat fresh produce than to buy something that might have come from across the world to be on your table.

Fortunately, our cultures are such that the staple foods we eat are available all year round. However, all seasonal foods are great for the particular season and therefore should be eaten in good quantities. For example watermelon is usually found in the summers.

Watermelons contain a lot of fluids and prevent from dehydration in the heat. This goes to prove that each food has a purpose and has nutrients which are suitable for you to sustain yourself in the particular season.

It is not advisable to eat the foods that are flown or shipped from far off places when you can have foods that are locally grown and are much superior in nutritional value to those that are not in season. Also when you consider the cost factor, a seasonal food is also easier on a budget than one that is not in season.

Usually whenever something goes out of season, there are equally nutritious and delicious foods that take its place. This also helps you to maintain variety in your diet. Just because you are not able to eat a particular food in a particular season, it does not mean that you have to abstain from something.

It simply means that a better suited food should be eaten.

By buying the local seasonal foods, you can substantially eliminate the chance of eaten foods that may have sustained environmental and handling damage because of the shipping. Here are some reasons why you should eat seasonal foods:
  • To avoid paying more for a food that may not be as fresh as it is claimed to be.
  • Since there are different foods available in each season, you have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from throughout the year. Seasonal food is a natural cycle that should be adhered to in order to maintain good health.
  • Locally grown seasonal foods are not only fresh but also a lot more delicious and nutritious than the off season produce that has been preserved. 
  • Therefore with every changing season, change the fruits and vegetables that you eat to include more seasonal produce. This will also ensure that you have a variety of dishes to prepare in every season.
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