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The Amazing Acai Fruit Diet Plan

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 8, 2010

Acai Berry For Effective Weight Loss

The acai berry fruit comes from the acai palm tree and is an inch long purple, reddish fruit that is primarily found in Central and South America. The anthocyanin and flavonoid content of this fruits are known to be very beneficial for the body’s cell protection system as well as in neutralizing the free radicals that play havoc with the natural aging process as well as with the progression of diseases.

While acai is also considered to be very beneficial for weight loss, a lot of new research is going into this aspect of the ‘superfood’. The fact that acai is also rick in glutathione, which is a very potent healing agent, as well as is very beneficial for the process of carcinogenic detoxification and the fight against cancer also makes it an overall healthy fruit to incorporate into a diet – whether weight loss is the primary objective or not.

There is no single healthy diet plan that is based solely around the acai berry fruit, but instead, a number of diet plans are all adjusted in order to accommodate the benefits of this fruit.

Amongst the previously discussed benefits of the fruit, depending on the types of diet it is combined with, the fruit can also be very beneficial when dealing with boosting immunity, being able to boost cardiovascular health, increase in mental clarity and reducing insomnia in addition to slowing down the aging process.

One thing you may want to keep in mind when adding the advantages of acai berry to your diet plan is the fact that it is absorbed by the body much faster when consumed as a pulp or juice. You can continuously snack on the fruit whenever you feel pangs of hunger throughout the day in addition to some celery or raw vegetables as this would be a very healthy, low-calorie snack.

Dried fruits and nuts are known to make quite a good combination with the fruit while your dinner can be a combination of fresh cooked vegetables with the acai fruit or rice and pasta. For a more elaborate setting, you could also lay out some baked potatoes with yogurt, sautéed vegetables and salsa. Any experiences of weight loss when following an acai berry diet will have more to do with the effects of following a calorie restricted diet rather than as a result of the weight loss properties of the fruit.

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