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Herbs to Lower Cholesterol

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on January 27, 2011

Control Cholesterol With Natural Herbs And Supplements

It is a well known fact that cholesterol is not good for health and it is best if cholesterol levels are kept in check. Increased levels of cholesterol can increase the risk of heart diseases and problems. However, cholesterol is something that can be controlled with food.

One of the best ways to control cholesterol is by eating foods that help fight the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol improving heart health. Foods that are low in fat can usually help you fight cholesterol.

Though there are prescription drugs that your doctor will give you in order to help you decrease your cholesterol, it is always better to use natural methods to decrease it.

There are a lot of natural herbs, taken as supplements, which can help you lower your blood cholesterol levels. These herbs are preferred because they are natural and have no known side effects.

These herbs can be added to your food or taken as supplements and their natural properties help them lower cholesterol naturally.

People who lead a stressful life and those who eat a rich diet are especially prone to developing heart related problems stemming from high cholesterol. Foods which are low in fat content are usually also low in cholesterol content.

Saturated fats are especially harmful because they are the richest source of cholesterol. However, food alone cannot help you reduce your cholesterol levels. With a healthy diet, exercise is also important.

There are a lot of ingredients used in the kitchen everyday which can help you in your quest to lower cholesterol levels however, most of the times we do not realize the hidden benefits of these herbs. Some of the spices like ginger which is used quite liberally in Asian cooking, can help thin blood therefore reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Other spices like turmeric and garlic also have natural properties which help them improve blood circulation and bad cholesterol.

When you add these spices to your foods everyday, not only does your food become more aromatic and delicious, but you also get the several health benefits associated with these spices.

There are many benefits of using herbs and spices to lower blood cholesterol. Other natural herbs like olive leaves, artichokes, and green tea are also helpful in naturally lowering cholesterol levels. The best advantage of using herbs for lowering cholesterol is that these herbs usually work as mild laxatives. These herbs have soluble fibers that help the intestines absorb cholesterol therefore decreasing the level.

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