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Chocolate And Acne

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 1, 2010

Do Not Blame Chocolate For Acne

Chocolate lovers will be thrilled to know that acne is not triggered by an increased intake of chocolate. However, the idea that chocolate causes acne has been prevalent for many years and we have always been warned about chocolates. In fact, teenagers are often warned about the adverse effects of chocolates and its effects on acne. But this is just a myth. The causes for acne include an imbalanced diet, oil from the sebaceous glands that clog the pores, and clogged pores as a result of dirt and grime.

In fact there is no exact reason why acne appears.

The skin, which has been producing sebum, suddenly gets blocked and pimples appear. Acne occurs due to the sebum getting trapped beneath the skin and causing an overproduction of oil; the follicles get blocked and the dead cells are not cleared. Other reasons include hormones, improper diet, hygiene, vitamin deficiency, use of steroids, cosmetics, and stress.

So while chocolate on its own cannot cause acne, it is considered bad for health as it contains refined sugars and fat.

But, chocolate can be both healthy and unhealthy, depending on the quantities in which it is eaten.
Chocolates when taken in moderate amounts are beneficial. They provide instant energy and contain a good quantity of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins.

They contain flavnols which are excellent antioxidants; these are also found in apples, peanuts, cranberries, onions, and red wine.

They also have anti-clotting properties like aspirin, and help to reduce deep vein thrombosis. Chocolates when taken with calcium will aid in the reduction of absorption of chocolate derived fats; this is useful for those trying to reduce weight.

In adults, a reduction in the speed of the skin cycle causes acne. Based on your genetic makeup, certain foods can trigger acne, and this includes chocolates.

In some, it can cause cystic acne if you are allergic to the ingredients in chocolates. So instead of blindly avoiding chocolates, simply identify the foods that cause your acne and try avoiding them. Keeping a food journal as this will help you determine if chocolates are causing acne.

To clear acne, you should eat a diet that will hydrate your skin and remove toxins from your body. Use a facial scrub made either with fruits, Fuller’s earth, or gram flour, and mix it with lemon juice or yogurt. If you tend to eat a lot of chocolates, make sure to eat enough fruits alongside. Also, since chocolates alone do not cause acne, it is best to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet.

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