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Know about Bee Pollen Energy Booster

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on January 27, 2010

Energy Boosters 

Everyone goes through days when they just don’t have the energy to deal with day to day situations. In some cases a sense of fatigue and gloom tends take over. During such situations, people try to cope using short term energy boosters like caffeine or cigarettes. These prove to be a quick lift me up. They result in an instant energy high and then a crashing low; they also inevitability lead to side effects and in severe cases dependence.

Natural Energy Boosters and Bee Pollen – Instead of relying on ineffective quick fixes, why not try a natural energy booster like bee pollen. Bee pollen is, in fact, one of the oldest known energy boosters. Historically, Hippocrates, known as the father of modern medicine, advocated bee pollen as a source of long life.

Anecdotes of the benefits of bee pollen can be found in ancient and religious texts, including the Bible and the Koran.

Bee Pollen – As school text books point out, pollens are produced by flowers and plants. These are then gathered by birds and insects during the feeding process.

Bees do exactly this when they move from flower to flower. They collect nectar and in the process, also collect pollen. This pollen then mixes with enzymes secreted by the bees, and forms yellow crystals.  These are then collected using specialized devices and formulated into essential dietary and energy supplements.

Bee Pollen as an Energy Source – Bee pollen is rich in nutrients like vitamins (especially vitamin B), minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. This makes bee pollen one of the most nutritionally complete substances.

Bee pollen is known to have a multitude of health benefits, from strengthening immunity, to its strong antibiotic properties and energy enhancing abilities. It is therefore considered by many as a healthy and effective dietary supplement.

In the olden days ancient Greek athletes were known to utilize bee pollen as a source of energy and endurance. Even today many athletes choose to use this natural energy source to build stamina and achieve mental clarity before training. Similarly, an individual can use bee pollen to enhance and improve day-day activity. Bee pollen is packed with antioxidants, which are known to and promote healing and boosts energy. This natural energy source comes with little to know side effects and promises long lasting benefits.

In addition, bee pollen helps to detoxify the body, flushing out energy sapping toxins and poisons. These tend to cause lethargy and in severe cases even depression. Instead, bee pollen clears the blood system, allowing fresh and nutrient rich blood to travel through the body and to the brain, giving the body a fresh release of energy.
Bee pollen also helps regulate mood and thereby control stress. Stress and anxiety are known energy black holes. By being in control of the tension, you can infuse positivity and energy into the task at hand.

Unfortunately the market is full of low grade bee pollen supplements. These may prove to be too weak or even completely ineffective. It is therefore important to consult and expert and research the best brands available.

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