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Post-Christmas Diet Tips

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 24, 2009

Nullify The Extra Pounds Gained In Christmas

It is unavoidable to gain weight during the holidays. The Christmas season has a way transforming daily routines and before you know it, you have spent all your time shopping, cooking, attending and planning parties and more importantly, indulging yourself with holiday treats. This holiday routine leaves no time for exercise and changes your otherwise tight diet regiment. The important thing to remember in such a case is that you can easily reverse the damage to your weight and health by following a few simple tips once the holidays are over.

It is important to know when to stop when you are faced with high calorie Christmas treats.

At a party, always eat moderately and keep snacking on small things through the evening to avoid binging at dinner. If you are hosting a party, try to keep in mind that your guests will eat depending upon how much food you bring out at a time. Keep your guests involved with party activities and innovative low calorie drinks and bring out food in moderate quantities to avoid overeating.

If there are leftovers after the party, encourage your guests to take food to their homes so you can avoid indulging yourself the next day. In addition to planning your food at Christmas parties, you should also remember to get back to your daily routine after the festive mood is gone. Keep yourself motivated about your exercise schedule and diet plans by planning ahead.

If you plan your holiday exercise and diet such that you work out intensively before and after Christmas, then you will be able to manage your exercise schedule better. The week’s break will motivate you to work harder at exercising and your strict diet will be easier to maintain if you know you’re working towards a break.

Once the Christmas parties are done, don’t lose hope about weight loss.

Keep up your motivation with dieting and exercise. Ignore any cravings you have after the party for carbohydrates. Instead, eat foods that are rich in protein, like fish, eggs, lean meat and skinless chicken with your meals. Ensure that you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable salads as these are high in both protein and fiber content. Read the labels on foods you buy very carefully. This will help you plan your calorie intake and ensure that you’re not eating too much.

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