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Healthy Green Foods

Submitted by Serena Mason on December 11, 2009

These days, everything from our cars to our diet appears to be going green. With mounting environmental and health concerns, green seems to be the only way to go. It’s great not only for human health but also in terms of sustainability and less environmental damage. For instance, there is talk about how if ever person opts for a green diet, America would see drastic benefits such as less than half the customary utilization of oil and water. There are so many statistics, many of them relating to diseases and disorders, which promote the advantages of a green diet.

The usual meat-based diet is deemed to worsen world hunger.

In addition to this, it is said to be one of the key reasons why we have deforestation. Don’t equate green health with distasteful vegetables.

Remember that there are countless vegetables and varieties of the same vegetable that you are bound to find nutritious choices that suit your palate. Also, bear in mind that the method of preparation has a profound effect on the taste of most vegetables. Think of ways to modify your cooking style such that these appeal to your taste buds.

For instance, adding oregano and some olives to lightly steamed cabbage adds to its flavor.  Look for other such herbs and seasonings to add to your vegetarian dishes.

Salads are a great way to get most of the nutrients you need. These can be had prior to or as a healthy accompaniment to each meal.

Green leafy vegetables are packed with the most benefits for you. Fruits are also an essential part of the green diet. Combine the two to make salads, juices and the like. Use nuts and spices to dress up meals and juices. Think about tofu burgers before you reach for that beef one.

If giving up meat is too painful, you can view it as a treat. At the same time, look for healthier varieties such as poultry which takes care of your protein requirement. The market is overcrowded with various cookbooks dealing with green diets. Some of the Mediterranean styles of cooking, for example, are easy to follow and have readily available ingredients. As mentioned earlier, vegetarian or green diet not only holds countless benefits for our health but, at the same time, it also plays an important role in enhancing lives of children and adults the world over. This may seem a little far fetched but it isn’t if you think about the consequences of a typically meat-eating lifestyle and consumerism.

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