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Diet For Healthy Menstruation

Submitted by Srivastava N K on December 11, 2009

A healthy menstruation cycle is what all women desire. While so many menstruation disorders abound, it’s difficult to think that such a thing is possible. However, natural remedies can help you attain this menstrual goal. As with most problems, the solution has to do with both diet and exercise. The variety of menstrual problems can range from skipping cycles to excessive bleeding (Menorrhagia).

Men would probably complain about Premenstrual syndrome in the women in their lives (PMS).

While people often dismiss this lightly, PMS is an actual, studied problem revolving around physical symptoms in addition to emotional and behavioral manifestations. In fact scientists have pinpointed round about 100 different symptoms relating to a woman’s premenstrual phase.

Probably the most common complaint among women is painful cramps. Doctors call this Dysmenorrhea, which they further break into primary as well as secondary dysmenorrheal. Another disorder which can be very distressing is Amenorrhea.

Here again both primary and secondary disorders are observed and it deals with absence of menstruation. With the internet bursting with information and that too freely available, women can find out what natural remedies work for them.

To start with, iron is a must in every woman’s diet.

Too many fall prey to anemia and even menstrual disorders because of a simple lack of iron. While vegetables are unavoidable, for that extra iron, spinach and other such options are the best sources of that much needed iron. If you like meats, red meat beats white meat in iron content. However, if you’re trying to cut back on fats, look for other diets such as green leafy vegetables. Papaya, with its amazing properties catering to our digestive system, is also good for one’s menses. When a woman is menstruating, and even when she’s not, water is a must. The healing powers of water are spectacularly unlimited. With regards to fruits, for menstrual health, citrus fruits might be better than others.

Remember that, no matter how high powered you are, some rest may be necessary at the time of your periods. It helps to take it easy, especially when cramping, which is usually perfectly normal at that time of the month. You could use hot water bottles or other means to deal with this problem. Find ways to relax during menses such as those tranquil baths with hot water or some relaxing music. With trial an error, a woman can learn about the menstrual problems she is prone to, and use the appropriate nutrition to combat them.

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