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Detoxification with Papaya Juice and Its Benefits

Submitted by Stella Morgan on October 25, 2010

Papaya Juice Benefits

Also known as the “fruit of angles”, the papaya is a very common tropical fruit that can easily be found throughout most of the year. However, being a summer fruit, papayas are usually available in abundance, during the summer months. Papayas are juicy, pulpy and sweet and they have a distinctive flavor of their own. People can choose to consume papaya in the form of the natural fruit, papaya juice or even papaya shake. Papaya and papaya juice benefits are well known, making them some of the most common breakfast foods.

Health experts, especially dieticians may recommend the consumption of papaya and papaya juice for weight loss purposes. This is because papayas are lower in calories, as compared to other fruits, but are still highly nutritious. Papaya juice nutrition includes Vitamins A, C, E and K, papain, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium & carbs.

Papaya juice benefits can help improve conditions like ulcers, constipation, acne, kidney problems, acidosis, digestive disorders and obesity, to name a few.

Papaya Juice Recipe

Preparing papaya juice is not very difficult. The papaya juice recipe you choose may suggest that you include the skin and the seeds while making the juice.

However, several people prefer making the juice after removing the skin and seeds. The quality of the papaya is as important, as the papaya juice recipe used. You need to make sure that the papaya is ripe and the color should be either orange yellow or even golden.

Papayas that are firm are much better than the mushy ones. Several people tend to avoid papayas with spotted skins; however, the spots are natural and are usually a sign of more flavorful juice.

The basic, unadulterated papaya juice requires nothing but papayas, which need to be blended into a juice (water may be added to reduce some of the thickness). However, several people like to mix papaya juice with other fruit juices, like oranges, pineapples or lemons. Given below is a recipe that is a variation of the basic papaya juice, but is just as tasty and healthy:

Papaya Orange Juice


• 1 small ripe papaya
• ¼ cup lime juice
• 2 cups (or 500 ml) orange juice
• Water for consistency
• Sugar to taste


• Wash the papaya thoroughly, before peeling it and removing its seeds
• Cut a thin slice of papaya into tiny cubes and put them aside for later
• Cut the rest of the papaya into large chunks and place them in the blender, along with the sugar, orange and lime juice. Blend all the ingredients together, to form a smooth liquid. In case it is too thick, you can add some water and blend it for a few more minutes.
• Place the juice in the fridge, for at least half an hour.
• Serve the juice chilled, topped with the papaya cubes that were saved earlier.

Even though there are several health benefits that have been associated with papaya juice, it is best to consult a doctor, before making it a regular part of your daily diet.

Papaya Detox

Detox, detoxification diets and rituals are still avidly pursued today. The idea of giving your body and complete system a break from the regular, often damaging, routine is what inspires so many to take up the detoxification challenge. For the average person, such detoxification programs are quite the challenge. The problem is that we’re all so used to a steady, large supply of a variety of foods and drinks catered to our likes. Most of us don’t have any idea of what it’s like to be deprived, especially voluntarily, of food. Bear in mind that there is no one best way of detoxifying your system. You’ll find hundreds of detox plans floating around.

It’s best that you pick a few plans which appear suitable and scrutinize each one to figure out whether these healthy and viable. What makes papaya a great choice is papain, useful for cleansing and removing toxins. This enzyme is very effective for getting rid of toughened mucous. For this enzyme, green papayas score over ripe papayas. If you’ve never tried detoxification plans before, you might want to skip strenuous plans like the lemon drink detox program.

Juices have always been popular when it comes to the usual detoxification diets. Fruits are a healthy and yummy alternative with such diets. If you like, you can combine your favorite fruits such as strawberries and apples, to make a light, refreshing salad. Detox salads are always popular. Salads don’t just mean vegetables alone. You can be innovative and combine healthy detox dietary plans.  

Papaya is typically used as a tropical cleanse. What you need to do is take a little of this unripe fruit and use a blender to mix with water and some other varieties of fruit. This juice should be taken when one wakes up, before taking anything else. One should also sip such a mixed juice over the course of one’s day. Instead of suddenly subjecting your body to a stringent detox diet, you will want to get it slowly accustomed by use of lighter and more nutritious foods and liquids.

This also helps clean one’s colon, which is important before such dietary plans. One of the best ways to start such a pre-detox diet is elimination of fried and junk food altogether, starting about seven days prior to your diet. Before you embark on any crazy detox schedule, it’s a good idea to get your health care practitioner to approve that diet. This is because of the spurious detoxification diets going around on the Internet.

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