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Food Risks of Gm Food on Human Health

Submitted by Stella Morgan on December 8, 2009

Genetically modified foods, popularly shortened to GM, appears to be all the rage these days. Interest in such food piqued a few years back, but the debate is still raging. With GM, not only the genetic components of crops but also of bacteria and animals can be altered. The very term GM has people running scared. The possible health risks associated with such food seems to justify such fear.

However, not enough research work has been done in the area of genetically modifying our foods. There appears to be no stopping the genetic modification revolution as such products have already hit stores all over the world. However, the risks GM food poses with regards to our health cannot be ignored.

Specifically allergens could be a big problem with such kinds of food. The transmission of something known as antibiotic resistance marker is another concern.

What’s even more frightening with genetic modification is that there are so many unknowns.

Studies dealing with GM and human beings simply aren’t adequate. There could be ill effects of such farming and animal husbandry when it comes to the environment as well. Often, no specific laws with regards the labeling means that the average shopper might not even realize that he or she has picked up GM food.

This is just one of the controversies, since those averse to GM food should be given an informed choice, which involves such food. Furthermore, this problem just gets more complex when producers thrown in GM crops with regular food. While such food is rather freely retailed, popular consensus appears to be that the risks for human health and other disadvantages far outweigh the benefits.

Remember that the reason so much money and research is put into GM foods is that it does have its advantages. Moreover, the potential benefits for just about everyone are inviting enough to warrant further investigation. It seems that GM may be the way to go, given the food crises and undiscovered benefits. The benefit of being able to augment the nutritional value of foods makes GM a good initiative. Upping the yield is another wonderful advantage with genetic modification. However, this modification does require more fine-tuning, keeping in mind the disadvantages involved. Ultimately it boils down to individual choice considering that many governments have allowed GM foods to come in, in a big way. Instead of GM foods, most people prefer to reach for organic foods. The term organic seems to be one of the latest crazes.

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