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Chewing Gum For Weight Loss

Submitted by Stella Morgan on December 7, 2009

The link between chewing gum and weight loss is definitely one worth exploring. It has to do with the curbing of one’s appetite. Appetite urges are why we typically cave in and reach for that snack or meal. Another thing about the usage of chewing gum is that that the chewing action itself might trick our brains into thinking that food has been consumed, since it simulates eating. Sometimes, if you feel like snacking you should try sugarless gum instead.

This variety is also great when it comes to maintaining dental hygiene. Thus, it can help you after meals or even if you’re feeling stressed. Some studies have indicated that there is a possibility of this habit cutting your hunger.

The very action could possibly help get rid of around 11 calories if you keep it up for an hour. It’s a great while waiting for your meal as well as afterwards. It makes a handy snack and helps you keep clear of other calorific treats.

However, one has to be pragmatic when it comes to weight loss expectations from merely chewing gum.

One can’t gorge on a topping heavy cheese pizza, pop in a chewing gum after that heavy meal and expect miracles. That’s the main problem with miracle cures – people expect to be able to get away with the most lavish lifestyle and still not gain weight. If you opt for chewing gum, make sure that your other routine choices match up to your weight loss goal.

One needn’t go overboard with drastic exercise plans in addition to major dietary changes. For instance, one of the biggest secrets when it comes to getting rid of that extra flab is zero calorie foods. What these essentially are, are foods such as celery which have so little calories that chewing them technically means that you consume no additional calories. That is because of the amount of calories actually burned from the simple process of chewing.

Don’t forget that there are negative consequences to overdoing just about anything. For instance, sorbital should be avoided in large amounts. This is an ingredient in most sugarless gums and is only safe if not in large quantities. It’s otherwise harmless and is used in certain sweets which are low-calorie as well as toothpastes.  Sometimes you’ll find substances added to that gum to make it more conducive for weight loss. It’s always a good idea to pick up that phone and ask your physician before trying anything artificial.
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