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Foods that fight health problems part II

Submitted by Sharon Hopkins on November 20, 2007

Presenting here are some of the other foods which when included in diet helps to fight health problems –

Bananas – Eating bananas can be a very easy task; it required no preparation, no refrigeration nor washing. Just peel its outer protective cover and there you are with a creamy, sweet and rich flavor of banana which is a rich source of potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. Potassium from bananas to maintain normal blood pressure and heart function and also protects against atherosclerosis and stroke. Potassium that is important to regulate heart function and maintain electrolyte balance is lost along with other electrolytes during a bout of diarrhea. Banana that is rich in potassium helps to replenish the stores of potassium and other electrolytes in such situation.

Moreover pectin, a soluble fiber in banana helps to normalize the movement in digestive track and ease constipation. It can also be served as a soft and easily digestible food for babies.

Beans - Along with dietary fiber, beans are an excellent source of other nutrients like molybdenum, folate and B-complex vitamins.

The fiber from beans has a cholesterol lowering effect, relieve constipation, and also help to control blood sugar levels in people with irregular glucose metabolism. Beans have a low glycemic index, help to increase the stool bulk and also prevent cancer and gastrointestinal disorders like diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Folate along with magnesium in beans helps to keep the levels of homocysteine in check, as an increase value is associated with a risk factor for heart disease.

Barley – The beta-glucan fiber in barley helps to lower cholesterol, protects from diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke.

Barley is an excellent remedy to treat constipation as it is loaded with fiber which helps to regulate the bowel movements.

Beets – Beets are a very good source of folate a B complex vitamin which keeps the levels of homocysteine in check and prevents heart diseases. Phytochemicals in beets which are responsible for giving them a deep magenta color helps to prevent cancer.

The fiber from beet also has a protective effect against diabetes, heart disease, constipation and cancer.

Bell peppers – They are a rich source of vitamin C a water soluble antioxidant which helps to reduce the oxidative stress in the body by scavenging the free radicals. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system and helps our body to fight infections.

Beef – Lean beef actually breaks the normal image of beef which is generally associated with high cholesterol and fat levels. Lean beef on the other hand when taken in moderation helps to decrease the LDL cholesterol and increase the HDL cholesterol. Selenium from beef helps to fight cancer, infections and heart diseases.

Basil – Basil is a well known herb and is used since ages by our ancestors. It is believed to have many medicinal properties which help fight infection, colon cancer, ulcers, bloating, flatulence, inflammation and swelling.
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