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Benefits of Health Insurance

Submitted by Stella Morgan on November 9, 2009

Health insurance has recently been in the news a lot, and even President Obamaís been focusing on it. And yet, there are millions of Americans that are without health insurance. In these difficult times, health insurance is extremely important, and can help you to lead a happier, healthier life. Not just that, but if you donít have health insurance, then a medical emergency can severely set you back financially. It can take just one accident or illness to play havoc with your life and finances.

Insurance is a protection against that. It is possible to receive health care without insurance. But the irony is that those who can easily afford good health care also usually have health insurance.

Uninsured health care is very expensive, and the prohibitive costs usually keep people out of hospital until itís too late, or has become much more expensive to treat. A good health insurance plan will pay for regular checkups as well as routine medicines and treatments. These will keep you healthier and happier in the long run, by keeping away future diseases. In fact, studies have conclusively shown that people with health insurance live longer lives, and also have a higher quality of life.

Benefits of health importance. If a longer, happier life isnít enough incentive, here are some of the benefits of health insurance that might convince you to save a little more every month, and put it towards insurance payments. Health insurance gives you easy access to expensive prescription drugs. It pays for critical preventive care. If you donít have health insurance, youíre likely to charge hospital expenses to your credit card. This can play havoc with your budgets and finances, and if you donít pay up, your property may be at risk.

A good health care plan pays for services that you use often. Expensive treatments that you cannot afford yourself come within your reach. When youíre sick, the last thing you and your family need is to worry about bills. With health insurance, you donít need to. Just concentrate on getting better! A good health care plan gives you access to better care, as insurance companies often work with coordinated health plans. When youíre sick, and unable to earn, money provided by a health insurance plan can be invaluable, even more than money you earn when youíre well. Some health care plans provide for whole families. If you have a large family, then you can benefit from a plan made for families. You save tax on health insurance. The amount you pay towards insurance is not taxable, and brings down your taxable income. Health insurance companies usually have their own panel of doctors, which prevent unethical doctors from putting you through unnecessary tests. Companies also pay hospitals less than you would on your own.
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