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5 Factor Diet Fitness

The five factor diet fitness is gaining popularity with many celebrities carrying out the plan. It involves both the fitness as well as the diet. It is the factor of five consisting of diet and exercises like 5 meals a day, 5 workouts per week and each made up of 5 exercises. 

The five criteria for diet in 5 factor diet are:

  1. Low fat good quality protein
  2. Carbohydrates of low to moderate glycemic index
  3. Healthy fats
  4. Fiber
  5. Beverages that are sugar free

The principle for the diet in 5 factor diet is:

  1. Have 5 meals daily.
  2. Consider the 5 criteria for each of the 5 meals.
  3. For the preparation of the meals spend 5 minutes and prepare with the 5 ingredients.
  4. Workout for 25 minutes for 5 days a week for 5 weeks.
  5. Consider one day in a week as Cheat day where you can have food that you like. Let Sunday be the cheat day so that you have whatever you like the most.

Key towards loss of fat is:

  1. As the metabolism becomes faster, there is more burning of fat.
  2. With exercise, the person develops muscle mass and enters the fat burning zone.
  3. Food of right kind and amount in terms of calories is selected.
  4. Low glycemic index foods can keep the blood sugar under control.
  5. Proper rest and recovery may help the growth hormone for muscle development and reduce the cortisol levels.

Meal guidelines for the 5 factor diet are:

  • Breakfast: Sugar free cereals with the addition of fresh fruits and fiber, omelets made with egg white, oat meal and whey protein powder, French toast made with no flour bread, skimmed milk and egg white, Shakes made with skimmed milk and fresh fruits.
  • Lunch: Soups and salads, sandwiches made of no flour breads, vegetables stew, and lean chicken salad.
  • Dinner: Fish/ steak/ lean chicken, fruit salads, wild rice, broccoli, lettuce leaves.

Apart from diet fitness and exercise are also equally necessary for reduction of fat in our body.

The 5 factor fitness plan consists of 5 twenty five workouts per week along with 5 healthy meals per day. The component of 5 factor fitness is made up of five, five minute phases like

  • Phase 1: Cardio warm up
  • Phase 2: Upper body strength exercise
  • Phase 3: Lower body strength exercise
  • Phase 4: Core exercise
  • Phase 5: Fat burning cardio.

The final phase of cardio can be extended up to 30 minutes depending on the need.

Certain tips that need to be considered before starting the fitness program in 5 factor fitness are:

  1. Do not delay the exercise or procrastinate the program.
    If you have decided to carry out the plan do it from today.
  2. It is not at all necessary that we need to do the workout only in the morning, any time this can be done. However it is useful to work out in the morning as during the rest of the day, the plan may get sidetracked.
  3. It is not always necessary that we need to perform only heavy workout. For beginners, it may be beneficial to carry lower volumes, shorter workouts with increased repetition.
  4. Start with simple exercise rather than the complicated ones. Even a dumbbell and a bench may be enough for a workout.
  5. Variation is possible in the workout. There is no fixed plan of exercise in the regime.

Thus the 5 factor diet fitness is a simple plan involving both the diet and exercise.

5 Factor Meal

The five factor meals are considered to be one of the most effective methods of healthy living and understanding the five factor diet chart will go a long way into helping you prepare a proper five factor breakfast as well as other 5 factor diet recipes that are based on the 5 factor diet principles. The 5 factor meal plans revolve around the biochemical reactions within the body that are based around the body being able to boost the body’s metabolic rate – thereby helping the body burn fat at a much higher rate; concentrating on ensuring that the right kind of food intake is accompanied by the right amount an intensity of physical exercise to help the body develop muscle mass as well as burn fat at a much faster rate. Another aspect to keep in mind when discussing the 5 factor diet plan is to recognize the fact that foods that have a low glycemic level will also play a huge role in making sure that the blood sugar levels in the body are kept well under control. As mentioned previously, there are a number of 5 factor recipes that one can find online and through a number of other sources such as the healthy living section at your local bookstore. The most highly recommended 5 factor breakfast will revolve around sugar free cereal with the addition of fresh fruits and fiber, along with omelets made purely from egg white. French toast that has not been made from flour dough accompanied by skimmed milk as well as oat meal and whey and protein powder make great additions to any 5 factor breakfast. Moving onto the other meals of the day, the 5 factor lunches will usually incorporate a number of soups and salads, vegetable stews and lean chicken salads while the dinners will usually include white meat salads, wild rice and broccoli.

To get the complete benefits out of a 5 factor fitness program, it is extremely important to make sure that you avoid any kind of procrastination or delays in performing the exercise part of the program. The exercise part of the fitness program can be segregated into five different phases. The first phase is known as the cardio warm up and will include warming your body up through some light running or jogging. In the initial stages of the exercise plan, depending on how out of shape you are, it might be a good idea to get your body used to the physical demands of the exercise program. The second phase of the exercise plan would be to work on your upper body strength. Examples of upper body strength include pushups, pull ups and bench presses. The third phase of the workout is to work on the lower body strength – which is any exercises that work on your buttocks as well as leg and thigh muscles. The fourth phase of the workout will revolve around core exercises that are a common part of any workout plan while the fifth phase should be heavily laden with a lot of fat burning cardio exercises including intense running. Experts suggest that you should always start the program by using the simpler exercises to get your body accustomed to the physical strain that they are about to bear and then slowly graduating up the ladder over the due course of time. Variation is highly recommended in any of the workout strategies because without it, most people tend to get bored of the entire workout plan.

Submitted on January 16, 2014