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Whey protein shakes

During the process of manufacturing cheese, a liquid substance called whey is created. Whey is a waste product from the manufacturing process of cheese. It can be further processed by extracting the proteins within it to create whey protein powder. Whey protein is used across the world by individuals involved in body building. Also, Whey protein powder is known to be the best protein powder for weight loss.
Whey protein is a pure form of protein. This form of protein has already been processed outside the body. This means that when the protein is introduced into the digestive system, it is in a form that is easy to process. The body therefore absorbs the protein quickly and distributes it around the body. When this happens, there is an overload of protein in the blood stream. Exercise during this period is essential and a regular exercise program is important. This process helps to develop muscle mass faster than normal by providing the exercising muscles with extra nutrition. Whey protein shakes have gained recognition in recent years for their ability to help build muscle mass.

Protein, in general, is one of the basic food groups for human beings. Protein is supplied to the body by various different types of foods. For non vegetarians, meat and meat products are a great source of protein. This is why eggs and meat are recommended to individuals who are involved in physical activities that require muscle growth. Vegetarians have the option of consuming lentils. Lentils are a great source for dietary protein. In general, a normal balanced diet is sufficient for people who are leading lives with minimal exercise. Protein available from such diets is sufficient for the requirements of the human body. However, when there is an extra demand for proteins in the body, the diet needs to be suitably modified in order to meet this requirement.

One way of providing the body with a protein boost is by using whey protein shakes. Whey protein shakes are shakes that are made using whey protein powder usually mixed with water. Whey protein powder is available in any supermarket and is usually sold in multiple sizes. There are various different brands of whey protein powder available as well. These provide different options to the customer. The best whey protein shake is one that suits the requirements of the individual. While shopping for whey protein shakes, an individual can choose the formula that suits the planned exercise regime perfectly. There are different formulations for light, medium, and heavy exercise. There are also many different flavors that can be chosen by an individual to make the process of whey protein consumption easier as the whey protein shakes will be more palatable. Whey protein isolate shakes are generally preferred to whey concentrate shakes as they are easily absorbed by the body. One can also use a whey protein shake for weight loss as long as one also follows a regular exercise schedule. Whey protein meal replacement shakes and whey protein meal enhancement shakes are sometimes included in a weight loss diet.

There are some whey protein shake side effects that should be noted by individuals before they choose to use this type of nutritional supplement. Whey proteins are produced from whey, which itself is a byproduct of the process of manufacturing cheese. It is possible that whey protein powders may contain small amounts of lactose. Lactose intolerant people may wish to choose a type of whey protein shake that is lactose free. Repeated high doses of proteins can cause damage to the kidneys. This happens when the consumption of whey proteins exceeds the use of the protein in the body. The excess proteins need to be filtered out by the kidneys. Repeated exposure to high levels of protein in the blood may also cause irreparable damage to the liver as excess protein in the blood can cause stress to the liver which usually assimilates proteins.

An individual choosing whey protein must therefore do so in a systematic and sensible manner. The amount of protein consumed should be matched with exercise levels. This will ensure that the body is properly nourished and not overburdened. It is essential to discuss whey protein shakes with your doctor who will be able to decide which one best suits your requirements.    

Submitted on January 16, 2014