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Food for gall bladder: What is the best diet for a person who has gall bladder stones as removal of gall bladder has been recommended ( 7 Sep 2007)
Question on weight gain: My hight is 6 ft and my weight is only 52 Kg. i want to gain weight. how? (10 Sep 2007)
Cures for Genital Warts: How do you cure genital Warts? ( 9 Sep 2007)
What to eat for Gout: Kidny beans or any other beans or pulses can be taken by a gout patient? ( 7 Sep 2007)
Diet for Alcoholism: What foods specifically are good for treatment of alcoholism ( 5 Sep 2007)
Age to take protein shakes: What age should you be to start taking protein shakes ( 4 Sep 2007)
Question on balanced weight: Is it normal that i am not loosing nor increasing my weight even though I am eating too much and sometimes very tired from work? ( 2 Sep 2007)
Question on Kidney: I have excess fats round my hip , does it affect the kidney by any means ? (30 Aug 2007)
Diet Chart for Different People: Can i have a chart of balanced diet for different age groups (24 Aug 2007)
Diet for Weight Loss: I want to loose weight within 1 month.plz let me know what to do.If u can tell me what to eat thatis the diet chart.I am a Female. Weight is 65 Kg height is 5 inch. (21 Aug 2007)
Diet chart to increase weight: hi, i am 27, 5ft 9inch tall has 50 kg. please give diet chart to increase weight up to 64-65 kg. I\'m suffering from acidity. ( 8 Aug 2007)
Diet for Diabetic Persons: Does a diabetic person has to intake food in small quantity regulary. Being orthodox and on religious belief , we undertake fasting. Advise if we can be on fast. we intake Fruits in a fast. (12 Aug 2007)
Question on Epigastric Pain: I always get an epigastric pain and body temperature elevated after taking fruits like a durian and rambutans...why this conditions occur? (15 Aug 2007)
Question on fat and sugarfree biscuits: Name few fat replacer and sugar replacer which can be used in biscuit without much affecting texture taste and bite (17 Aug 2007)
Question on PMS pimples: How to deal with PMS pimples (20 Aug 2007)
Diet chart to increase weight: hi, i am 27, 5ft 9inch tall has 50 kg. please give diet chart to increase weight up to 64-65 kg. I'm suffering from acidity. ( 7 Aug 2007)
Dietary Advice for weight loss: Hi can you name some juices that i can use to lose my weight ( 4 Aug 2007)
Use of lemon juice and salt for backache: How much lemon juice and salt do i use for backache (13 Jul 2007)
Question on eating boiled cauliflower: How many boiled cauliflowers can i eat per day? (12 Jul 2007)
Juices for gallbladder: For your Gallbladder what are the best juices to be drinking and should they be strickly from a juicer or are there any juices on the market you reccomend?? (10 Jul 2007)
Diet chart for children: Balance diet chart for 1to5 year children including fats carbohydrates protien vitamins minerals ( 9 Jul 2007)
Fat reduction remedy: HOW I REDUCE MY FAT OF LEG AND SEAT? ( 5 Jul 2007)
Meaning of sugar spots: What are sugar spots? why doesn't my sugar test show i have sugar? my skin doctor said i have sugar spots. ( 2 Jul 2007)
Daily Diet Chart: I need a diet chart.Can you emal me one? I also need a planned menu. (23 Jun 2007)
Diet for weight loss:Could you please write me out a diet because i need one and i would like to lose weight! (21 Jun 2007)
Food advice for gallstones: Are foods with seeds such as tomatoes or strawberries and nuts such as pecans, walnuts, etc. okay to eat for someone with a suspected gallbladder gall stones diet. Is there any advice you can give on foods for and against ga (15 Jun 2007)
Gastritic Treatment: Had Acute Attack of Gastritis. Allergic to all fruits in your gastritis diet and dairy.What do I eat? (About all I can eat is spinach and mangos)HELP! (14 Jun 2007)
Advice on inflammation diet: Diet for inflammation ( 8 Jun 2007)
Question on Jaundice: Is first phase of jaundice also communicable? ( 4 Jun 2007)
Dietary advice for plasma uric acid: Hi, 1) To eat or to avoid watermelon for plasma uric acid. 2) levels of plasma uric acid before and after consumption of watermelon. Thank you in advance. (17 Apr 2007)
Menu plans for kids: please give me a healthy menu for a full day for my 5 and 9 yr old kids (11 Apr 2007)
Advice on Rheumatism: How to prevent rheumatism? (10 Apr 2007)
Advice on normal intake of calories: How much is the normal allowed intake of calories for an individual for a day. (13 Apr 2007)
Amount of calories/day: calorie intake for male retired personnel ( 2 May 2007)
Remedies for severe leg ache: Sir, I am 25. I got my first seizures in a party. About 4hrs am unconscious and I don't remember what happen. This incident occur 10months ago. My prob is I cannot walk little distance now, severe pain in my legs. (10 Apr 2007)
Question on carcinogens: what are carcinogens (10 May 2007)
Diabetes and banana: Are bananas good for a diabetic person to eat (12 Jun 2007)
Advice on lip swelling: Is it dangerous if my lips swells. and my voice is not clear. (14 Apr 2007)
Queries on diet for 3 day fresh fruits fast:Should I continue to take vitamins and supplements while on a three day fast of fresh fruits? (14 May 2007)
Queries on lactase: what is lactase? (11 May 2007)
Which is better: Whole grain or grain is better for plasma uric acid? (26 Apr 2007)
Advice on what to eat: what to eat (26 Apr 2007)
Advice for backache: My L-5 disk fluid is dried, due to which i have bad backache and need your advise. (22 May 2007)
Diet for Ulcer patient: Is pasta a good diet food for an ulcer patient? (21 May 2007)
Foods for weight gain and anemia diet: Which food should be included in an under weight and anemic person's diet ? ( 1 Apr 2007)