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Protein powder
Bodybuilding and protein powder are commonly used in association with each other. Bodybuilders have been relying on protein powder for many years now in order to obtain the high amounts of protein necessary to build muscle. However protein powder is not just for bodybuilding. Studies have indicated that consuming protein powder on a daily basis can enhance the immune system and promote better healing of injuries. The health of the skin and strength of the muscles can also be improved.
Protein is necessary for the body because this is what the muscles and tissues require for proper development. The human body also cannot store protein anywhere and hence it has to be ingested through the diet. The protein requirement is so essential that is comes second only to that of water. Most diets that consist of varied foods incorporate protein. Even vegan diets are known to supply protein to the body. Some people prefer supplementing their protein intake through protein shakes and other protein supplements. Protein powders are composed of some basic ingredients, namely whey, soy, rice and egg. Some powders may also constitute a combination of these ingredients. In addition, protein powders may be added to cereal, soups, stews and baked foods. 

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Protein powder is meant to be consumed on a daily basis as a dietary supplement. Even individuals who are not into bodybuilding can begin their day with a protein powder shake. This will provide many nutritional benefits to the body. Some experts recommend ingesting protein throughout the day. However, giving the body a boost of protein every morning helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels for the rest of the day. Certain pros and cons come to light when diets for weight loss and protein powder are used together. Firstly, protein powder helps to fulfill the protein needs of the body. It is also quite convenient and constitutes a quick protein fix. It can also help to satisfy cravings since they are available in many different flavors. However, protein powders are not usually included in fat loss diets since weight loss is determined by the total number of calories consumed and beverages are not taken into account by the body. Those who rely too much on protein powder also are not learning to eat properly and hence may face problems with their weight once they are off the diet. But the calories in protein powder are very less and hence it is commonly recommended for bodybuilders who follow low glycemic index diets. It is advisable to consider the nutrition facts of protein powder before adding it to the daily diet.

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Some evidence is indicative that excess protein taken regularly may be unhealthy for people with kidney or liver problems. The recommended daily intake depends upon the age, weight and activity level of the individual. There are also a number of different types of protein powders available in the market today and one needs to opt for the one that best suits their nutritional requirements. There are also many protein powder recipes one can try out. A quick and easy high protein meal involves adding a scoop of protein powder to cooked oatmeal. It is advisable to add some water as the protein powder may thicken the dish. You may also add some chopped fruit and nuts. Another easy protein powder meal consists of combining a scoop of protein powder and one cup of cottage cheese. For people who require a great deal of calories for bulking up, the ideal recipe is a protein milkshake made with a scoop of protein powder, one cup of milk and two scoops of ice cream.

Submitted on October 26, 2010