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Lunch Menus Ideas

Lunch is an important meal and it is necessary to ensure that you get proper nutrition. Sometimes people skip lunches because they are on the move or it is an expensive proposition to buy lunch outside. Lunch menus allow you to take lunches and not miss this important meal. Lunch menus are a good way to plan ahead what lunches you can make from week to week. Planning is a big part of lunch menus.
You can plan with the help of the ingredients or produce that is available and combine it with various likes and dislikes to create effective lunches. Lunch menus are simple things to put together. A lunch menu is basically planning all aspects of a meal which include some crunch by way of a salad, some healthy protein like meat or tofu and some carbohydrate like bread or some healthy grain and finally something sweet. There are many different lunch ideas which make it easy to carry good and healthy lunches with you wherever you go.

Lunch menus are also a great idea when you are planning a picnic or any party. Lunch menus for kids can be tricky for you have to balance nutrition with fun in the food. Lunch menu ideas can be easy to get, including school lunch menus. One lunch idea is packed juice or soup, a whole wheat sandwich with a chicken or a tuna salad filling and an apple or pear as a sweet ending to the lunch. You can substitute the sandwich with whole wheat pasta with a tomato based or an olive oil based sauce. You can also carry carrot or celery or apple sticks as a snack. You can also carry oatmeal cookies as a sweet little for your lunch. You have to remember that for packed lunches you need to pack healthy proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins can also include some cheese or grilled fish fillets or even cottage cheese. Healthy carbohydrates do not always mean whole wheat bread. You can try pita bread with hummus and vegetables or a salad of egg whites and sprouts or even a serving of broccoli or Brussels sprouts. For kids, you cannot always insist on a healthy lunch all the time. If you want your child to eat packed lunches from home, include something sweet or unhealthy once in a way, like some candy or some crackers. That way you show your child that once in a while, it is okay to eat something unhealthy but inherently eat lunch that is got from home.

Submitted on May 5, 2011