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Low Calorie Lunches For Work

Whether you follow a weight loss goal or just want to eat healthy, carrying low calorie lunches for work is a great option. Carrying low calorie lunch for office helps you save on money, time and calorie count. You are better able to regulate what you eat, portion size, and even control the amount of salt or sugar you consume in your daily diet. While the brown bag revolution has caught on among busy individuals, it is a challenging task to think ahead for low calorie lunch ideas for work. Some suggestions may help you plan low calorie lunches for work.
You can use these as broad guidelines and include your favorite foods and cuisines to make office lunches more interesting.

Low Calorie Lunch Ideas For Work

  • Sandwiches are easier to assemble when you are rushing in the morning. However, soggy sandwiches are sure to put you off office lunches for good. Ditch the white bread and look for low cal options such as multigrain, wheat, or rye breads. They hold up better to fillings and meat and last longer. Moreover, whole grains contain fiber, which helps you stay satiated for longer.
  • Opt for healthy fillings in sandwiches, wraps, or burritos. Include plenty of fresh veggies, go slow on the creamy dressings and include a side of salad to complete your meal. Smoked salmon or tuna make for great meats, but if you prefer meat, look for lean cuts of meat, especially white meat from poultry.
  • Cheese sandwiches make a healthy low calorie option provided you use part skim or low fat cheese such as mozzarella.
  • Soups and salads maybe packed in reusable containers. Leftover soup with a piece of crusty bread is a fulfilling low calorie lunch for office. Go slow on the dressings for salad and include plenty of herbs to jazz up your greens.
  • Stacked fruit and veggie bowls allow you the freedom to either snack on them or create a lunch right in the office. Set aside dips and sauces in separate bowls. Mix only when ready for lunch.
  • Hard-boiled eggs, leftover shredded meat in gravy and steamed rice, cold soups and pastas are easy to carry and function well as low calorie lunches for work

Low Calorie Snacks For Work

  • Low calorie snacks for work include raw fruits or veggies with low fat cottage cheese or hummus.
  • Keep a packet of dried fruits and nuts to beat the mid afternoon slack. If you have to carry a soda, make it a diet one and carry it from home. This way you are not tempted to reach out for the high calorie options from the office vending machine.
  • Freeze a pack of juice and carry it to work. It will thaw out by the time you need a sweet fix and you are reaching for a healthy beverage over soda or coffee.
  • Granola bars, loose granola with yogurt, flavored yogurt, low calorie wheat thins or crackers, and baked potato chips can all work as low calorie snacks for work.
Submitted on January 16, 2014