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200 Calorie Lunch Ideas

Keeping hunger pangs at bay while reducing the daily intake of calories is a challenge that most dieters face. In fact, many people are tempted to ditch their diets because they feel that they go hungry most of the time and lose their motivation to stick to the diet plan. Eating six small low calorie meals a day with shorter time gaps between each meal,instead of the usual three, is one way of dealing with hunger. The trick is to ensure that each meal is healthy and filling while remaining low in calories. When preparing a 200 calorie lunch, use plenty of spices and herbs to enhance the flavor of the meal.
They don’t up the calorie count by much, but add color and a zing to a simple grilled sandwich or a bowl of hot soup. Be sure to use low calorie spreads and fresh cut vegetables as these can make a simple tuna or turkey sandwich a hearty meal in itself.  You can make 200 calorie lunches filling by adding light soups or a low fat yoghurt and fruit smoothie to the menu. Vegetable, black bean, or turkey burgers, grilled or barbecued, and served with a beetroot relish and pita bread, washed down with a tall glass of lemonade, make for a tasty lunch for everyone on a hot Sunday by the pool.

When it comes to 200 calorie ideas for lunch, dishes with grilled fish, chicken breast, turkey slices, or bean burgers, make for a good choice. It ensures that the individual gets adequate protein to maintain muscle strength. Fresh vegetables in soups and salads with herbs to enhance the flavor provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. Juices, smoothies and shakes made with low fat milk and seasonal fruits are not only filling but also make the meal nutritionally well balanced. A healthy 200 calorie lunch can include corn chowder, a grilled salmon fillet, and half an orange.

Deciding to go vegetarian at lunch on alternate days of the week makes it easier to prepare under 200 calorie lunches and to stick to a diet plan that allows for 1200 calories per day. This also means that you can indulge yourself a little bit more in the other meals during the day. A bowl of fragrant vegetable chili, spiced with a touch of garlic and served with two slices of crusty whole wheat bread can satiate hunger pangs and yet contain fewer than 150 calories. Grilled miso aubergines offer a crunchy alternative if you think all you can get is a bowl of salad for 150 calories. A baked frittata with eggs, tomatoes, onions, and fresh herbs topped by a thin layer of grated low fat cheese tastes heavenly on a wet afternoon, and you don’t even remember that you are on a diet until you go looking for that second helping.

When you are counting calories, opt for dishes with freshly prepared sauces, spreads, dips, hummus, etc. because you can use low fat alternatives like olive oil and low fat yoghurt while preparing them. Store bought sauces may be used as a convenience when you are pressed for time. Choose low fat yoghurt or cottage cheese over cream when you are planning desserts, and you can cut down considerably on the calories consumed. Bake, grill or steam food rather than frying it as the high temperatures needed for frying in fat destroy several nutrients in the food, be it meat, fish or vegetables. Whole grain breads pack a lot fiber and take longer to digest, leaving you feeling full for longer periods of time. Ordering a light lunch of salad and fruit is not the only option if you are looking of a low calorie meal, adding up to a 300 calorie meal. With a well thought-out diet plan designed to provide tasty and nourishing food at each meal, reaching weight loss goals becomes easier.

Submitted on January 16, 2014