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Protein liquid diet

Weight problems are among the most common health conditions faced by people today. Obesity is becoming a growing phenomenon due to the easy availability of fast food and the sedentary nature of life. The growing problem of excess weight has also led to the introduction of a variety of diets and eating programs in the market. Some have obtained benefit from these diets, while others have not experienced any positive results. Some diets also claim to bring about rapid weight loss.
But all these diet plans may not be entirely safe for the body. It is advisable to consult a doctor before starting on any diet program. This will help you determine if a particular diet is appropriate for your weight, age, health condition and activity level. One such method of weight loss through diet is the protein liquid diet. The diet aims to induce weight loss in a short amount of time. However there are some disadvantages to this diet as well. A protein liquid diet involves substituting meals for liquids that are fortified with protein, minerals and vitamins. This diet is able to meet all nutritional requirements for a short duration of time. However it is difficult to continue with it in the long term.

Many individuals are of the opinion that consuming a protein liquid diet is a good start to a diet program. It is efficient in bringing about quick weight loss and hence paves the way for a continued weight loss eating regimen. However it is also possible to consume nutritious foods without restricting yourself to a protein liquid diet. This diet does not allow the individual to experiment with other healthy foods that help in weight loss. After the diet is over, you will have to resume eating regularly and at that time, there is the fear of gaining weight again. Most of these diets follow a method of gradually resuming regular meals. If one is able to follow the method closely and also keep a track of weight gain, then the diet may be successful. However many people simply go back to their old eating habits after getting off a protein drink diet. This causes them to gain the weight back again. Those who are on protein liquid diets must learn how to eat healthy, nutritious meals once the diet is over. A balanced diet must include lean protein sources such as fish, meat and poultry, carbohydrates and some amount of fat. This will help to prevent weight gain after the diet. A liquid diet is usually prescribed for those undergoing certain medical procedures such as a colonoscopy. In such cases, one can obtain protein from the liquid diet by consuming a clear liquid protein drink made with water instead of milk. A protein clear liquid diet can also consist of unflavored protein powder mixed with sugar free liquids.
Some people also follow a protein soup diet. However this may lead to increased cholesterol if continued for a long period of time. A variation of the protein liquid diet is the protein water diet. This diet involves consuming only water and a protein source such as tuna for the initial three days. After this, other foods such as vegetables and chicken may be consumed. The disadvantages of a protein liquid diet include reduced metabolism, cessation of menstruation and formation of gallstones. Liquid diets also do not provide the body with adequate fiber and hence digestive problems could also occur. Since the diet also lacks in important nutrients, electrolyte imbalances may take place. This leads to dizziness, cramping of the muscles and irregular heart rate.

Submitted on January 16, 2014