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It is important to drink sufficient fluid every day. Here raw juice therapy is most useful.

Use one or more of the following:

Artichoke or elixir (see page 64) 6 n oz (l75ml) each day.
Asparagus 2 fl oz (50ml) three times a day.
Beetroot 8 n oz (225ml); carrot 5 fl oz (150ml); cucumber 3 fl oz (75ml).

Celery 6 n oz (175ml); beetroot 6 n oz (715ml); cucumber 4 fl oz (100ml).


Treat as for colds. Gargle with lemon juice diluted in warm water.

The following juice combinations are used:

Carrot 8 fl oz (225m I); pineapple 8 n oz (225ml).
Pineapple 16 fl oz (450ml).
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); apple 8 fl oz (225m!).
Carrot 6 n oz (l75ml); beetroot 5 n oz (150ml); cucumber 5 fl oz

Juice for kidneys:

The kidneys are an important organ of the urinary system and are extremely essential in order to perform certain vital functions of the body. We often consume an inadequate amount of water and this places an unnecessary strain on the kidneys. Thus, it is necessary you take the necessary steps to ensure your kidneys are in a good condition and functioning well. You can include several types of juice for the kidneys in your daily diet as this will help to promote kidney health and prevent urinary ailments. There are certain types of juice for the kidneys that also help to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.  Cranberry juice for the kidneys is one such fruit juice as it helps to flush out harmful bacteria within the urinary system and this helps to prevent urinary tract infections. These berries are found mainly in the North American continent and they are rich sources of potassium, vitamin C, manganese, and beta carotene along with a number of very powerful and beneficial antioxidants. However not all types of cranberry juice for the kidneys is actually beneficial as certain readymade packs do not really have therapeutic benefits.

Cranberry juice is effective only if it is 100 percent in its natural form. Undiluted cranberry juice is good for kidneys but it cannot be combined with other juices and it cannot contain additives and preservatives. It is therefore, best if you prepare your own glass of fresh cranberry juice for kidney problems. Flavonoids are the primary ingredients in cranberries that enable to fight against certain bacteria that cling on to the urinary tract cells weakening them. When you drink cranberry juice for kidney problems, these bacteria are flushed out. It is suggested you have at least 2 to 4 glasses of cranberry juice everyday and also ensure you have about six to eight glasses of water which is either filtered or purified during the day.
If a person has kidney stones, they can be eliminated with the help of juices. The effectiveness of cranberry juice being good for kidney stones is debated wherein some believe it aids in flushing out kidney stones whereas others believe it is not of any significant help. Thus, it is advised you consult a doctor before you decide on changing your diet plan.

Lemon juice for kidney stones is a remedy that is gaining recognition and is being used by a number of people. It is said that lemon juice helps in dissolving   kidney stones over a period of time. For this, you add a cup of fresh lemon juice in a gallon jug of warm water and keep drinking a glass of it at regular intervals during the day. Make sure you shake the jug well before pouring a glass for yourself. Always keep in mind that these juices are to be had along with water and not as a substitute for it.


Submitted on January 16, 2014