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It is caused by many different factors such as not too much acid, but too much alkali in the system. The objective must be to normalize and not use the strong antacids commonly employed. Try any of these different juices until you find the right one for your indigestion.

Give it two weeks before changing:

Cabbage 16 fl oz (450ml).
Papaya 16 fl oz (450ml).

Pineapple 16 fl oz (450ml).
Juice of 2 lemons in hot water with a little honey.
Carrot 6 fl oz (175ml); beetroot 7 fl oz (200ml); lettuce
3 fl oz (75ml).
Dandelion coffee (see section on dandelions) should
replace ordinary beverages.
If due to anxiety use:
Beetroot 16 fl oz (450ml). Tomato juice is very soothing.

High Blood Pressure

Your doctor should be seen regularly to check, advice and to tell you if it is high enough to matter much. Do not worry, do not smoke, and do not take too much alcohol. Keep a check on your weight. Each day take 1 f1 oz (25ml) garlic mixed with 7 f1 oz (200ml) of carrot juice (see section on garlic).

Also try any of the following:

Carrot 8 f1 oz (225ml); parsley 2 f1 oz (50ml).
Carrot 6 f1 oz (175ml); beetroot 7 f1 oz (200ml); cucumber 5 f1 oz (150ml).
Pineapple 1pt (550ml).
Papaya 1pt (550ml).
Alfalfa 10 fl oz (275ml); carrot 10 fl oz (275ml).
Orange 1pt (550ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014