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Orange juice for fever

Juices for fever treatment are one of the best methods of treatment, in spite of the various fever remedies available.  Fever is the elevation in the body temperature, resulting in decreased metabolism. Fever, generally subsides within three days, when treated properly. An all fruit diet or fruit juice therapy benefits fever. It helps to combat infection and decrease the body temperature.

Juices for juice therapy do not refer to the commercially available juices in the pouches or carton.

The demerits of such drinks are the loss in certain essential nutrients. Cessation of enzymes, due to heat is also seen. Freshly prepared juices are nutrient rich and help to curb high temperature. Diet juices are not only useful in the elimination of certain conditions, such as renal diseases, hypertension, and obesity and so on.

Fever is a condition, wherein the digestion process is damaged, resulting in further complications. A juice diet comprising of orange juice is an excellent remedy for fever. The risk of toxaemia or poisoning of blood is high. Orange juice is ideal for and results in increased urine. Dehydration is also common. Orange juice aids in enhancing the immunity levels, thereby preventing the probability of infection. Reduction in saliva is seen in fever, thereby resulting in decreased appetite and lack of thirst. Such conditions are easily overcome with orange juice.

A fruit juice diet involving juices of fruits such as apples, grapes, melons, oranges, pears, pineapples and peaches is of great help. Grapefruit juice is also helpful in decreasing the feeling of thirst. A glass of grapefruit juice, made with equal proportions of water and grapefruit juice proves beneficial in reduction of burning sensation, associated with fever. Lemon juice, without sugar helps against the bitter sensation of the tongue. A teaspoon of fresh garlic juice is good for hay fever. It is taken twice a day, for a week for effective results. Yellow fever is a viral infection. The mode of transmission is mosquitoes. Juices prove effective for yellow fever, when consumed once in three hours. Jaundice and fever are the typical symptoms of yellow fever.
Fever remedy at home includes the use of a cold pack or cold compress. This is placed on the forehead of the individual. This is done, especially when the temperature rises above 103 degree Fahrenheit. Rest or relaxation plays a vital role in treatment. Painkillers and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or analgesics are effective fever medicine.

This condition is the natural response of the body in its fight to destroy infections. Treat the cause. Drink juices to suit you especially all citrus, grape and celery. Use garlic, cabbage and onion juices to help fight the infection.


To heal fractures the body must have an abundant supply of vitamin C, protein and calcium.

The best juice is:

Comfrey 16 f1 oz (450ml) each day.

Submitted on January 16, 2014