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Beneficial Juices for Eyes and Fatigue Treatment

The juice of carrots, celery, endive, parsley offers powerful nourishment to the entire optic functionality encompassing the nerves of the eyes and the eye muscles. Carrots supply vitamin A in the form of carotene, while endives are abundant in essential nutrients for the eyes. A combination of all the juices together approximately one to two pints daily will work wonders for the benefit of the eyes. The juice of dandelions is also known to have eye boosting properties. Carrot juice also counts as an important defensive agent in the working up and upkeep of good health and can safely be had by both children and adults.

More importantly the delicious flavor of carrot juice makes it a likeable option as plain or in combination with other vegetable or fruit juices. The juices of dandelions are abundant in potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron. Dandelion juice must be had raw as it helps in alkalizing the blood flow and offers a blend of essential nutriments that benefits the optic nervous system. To have dandelion juice for healthy eyes, combine the raw dandelion juice along with raw carrot juice and consume approximately one to two pints every day. The juice of raw spinach is another excellent source of vitamin A for the eyes. Spinach helps in fortifying the blood due to abundant supplies of iron which is beneficial in the circulation of oxygenated blood to the eyes.

The juice of purple grapes with the skin and seeds has excellent properties in battling fatigue and keeping the heart healthy. Chronic fatigue syndrome affects a number of persons who have a stressed lifestyle. If you feel constantly tired and fatigued at all times and especially after a hard day’s day work start drinking the juice of purple grapes. Grape juice help in making one feel refreshed and energized and relieves fatigue symptoms. However if you suffer from anemia, grape juice is not recommended as it possess certain chemicals that can further cause the levels of iron to dip, worsening the current situation. Have white or light grape juice to boost the levels of iron in the body and as a fatigue remedy. For those without anemia, consuming grape juice not only boosts energy, but also helps with easing off muscle fatigue and fatigue symptoms. Wheat grass juice is also a wonderful aid in relieving fatigue and bringing about well being in the individual. Wheat grass juice is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic properties and defends the body from unfriendly bacteria causing havoc on the system. It is a well known and aged food known for bringing about good health. Wheatgrass juice also helps to prevent tooth decay, detoxifies the body of harmful chemicals and toxins, reduces hypertension, brings about digestion, boosts energy, helps in building healthier hair and reducing the occurrence of dandruff etc.

Specific Juice Therapy for Eyes and Fatigue


Night blindness is a sign of vitamin A deficiency.
Use any of the vitamin A-rich juices, particularly good are the following:
Fennel 8 fl oz (225ml); carrot 8 n oz (225ml).
Watercress 3 fl oz (75ml); parsley 1 fl oz (25ml); carrot 10 fl oz (275ml).
Papaya 16 fl oz (450ml).
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); celery 6 fl oz (175ml); spinach 2 fl oz (50ml).
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); celery 8 fl oz (225ml).
Carrot 10 fl oz (275ml); fennel 6 fl oz (l75ml).


After hard work, fatigue is nature's way of telling you to rest, so rest. Overdoing it leaves the body weakened and vulnerable to disease.
If you are fatigued without hard work, it may be that you need more sleep (needs vary widely); or you are not active enough idleness is itself tiring; or you are ill, in which case the cause must be found and treated. Most likely of all, you need a nutritional 'pick-me-up'.

Take a two-week course of:

Watercress juice diluted with five times the volume of spring water
1 dessertspoonful (10m!) eight times a day.
Orange 8 f1 oz (225ml); apple 8 f1 oz (225ml); lemon 1 f1 oz (25ml);
lettuce 1 f1 oz (25ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014