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Should invariably be treated by an experienced physician for if the condition is well controlled the sufferer can expect a relatively normal life.Several very helpful and low-carbohydrate juice combinations have been found useful especially for the type of diabetes that begins in adult life.

One of the best is:

Brussels sprouts 10 fl oz (275ml); runner or string beans 10 fl oz (275m!).

Another good mixture is:

Horseradish (grated) 3oz (75g); juice of 2 lemons; water 10 fl oz (275ml).
Others to try include:
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); spinach 8 fl oz (225ml).
Carrot 12 fl oz (350ml); celery 2 fl oz (50ml); parsley 2 fl oz (50ml).
Lettuce 6 fl oz (175m!); runner bean 7 fl oz (200ml); Brussels sprouts
7 fl oz (200ml)


If persistent, consult a physician.

There are several good juice combinations for diarrhea, use any of them:

Beetroot 16 fl oz (450m!).
Cabbage 16 fl oz (450ml).
Beetroot 8 fl oz (225ml); cabbage 8 fl oz (225ml).
Garlic 2 fl oz (50ml); cabbage 8 fl oz (225ml).
Garlic 2 fl oz (50m!); beetroot 14 fl oz (400ml).
Nettle 16 fl oz (450ml).
Nettle 8 fl oz (225ml); garlic 1 fl oz (25ml); cabbage 7 fl oz (200ml).
Papaya 16 fl oz (450ml).

Juice For Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions all over the world and is primarily a group of illnesses characterized by high blood pressure because the body does not produce enough a hormone called insulin, or either because the cells in the body do not respond to the insulin produced. Diabetes can be easily categorized into two types – type 1 diabetes, where the body is unable to produce the insulin and will generally require the administration of insulin with the help of a syringe; and type 2 diabetes, in which the cells within the body are unable to us insulin adequately. Gestational diabetes is another variant of the condition that will only stem during the phase of pregnancy in a woman. The individual will not have suffered from diabetes before the pregnancy, while after the process the condition may morph into type 2 diabetes. All the versions of the condition are likely to have a substantial impact on the affected persons lifestyle as a result of the fact that when the breakdown of glucose has been stopper completely, the body will need to use fat and protein in order to produce the energy that enables the body to carry out a number of physical tasks over the course of the day. This will lead to the development of a number of conditions such as polyuria, polyphegia and excessive weight loss amongst many others.

While insulin administration is still the most important method of treatment, especially in type 1 diabetes, a lot of people are turning to the advantages of natural treatment options such as the benefits of juice for diabetics. Aloe vera is highly regarded or the number of health benefits in a number of conditions as well as enhancing the quality of daily living.

Extensive studies have shown that aloe vera juice for diabetes helps regulate the patient’s blood pressure and fat cells. For instance, one of the extensive studies have actually been able to retrieve measureable data that proves that those patients administered aloe vera juice for their diabetes condition over a period of two weeks had actually shown medical readings of lower blood sugar levels as well as reduced fats. Moreover, the fact that aloe vera juice is actually extremely beneficial in a number of ways only makes it the perfect treatment for the condition as well as a number of other conditions that the patient is likely to be suffering from.
Submitted on January 16, 2014