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High protein low fat diet
A high protein low fat diet is believed to be every effective to reduce weight considerably. When you follow a diet that is low on fat and rich in proteins, the proteins in the food help to make your stomach feel full for longer time than carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the first to get absorbed by the body and leave you feeling frequently hungry. Fats on the other hand tend to accumulate on your body and take longer to get burnt and be used as energy. Proteins take a longer tome to pass through your body and make you feel less hungry.
Proteins also help to tone your muscles and make your limbs stronger and hair grow. Since this kind of diet makes the body into a machine that burns fat excessively. In the absence of dearth of carbohydrates the body tends to turn to the fat and begins to burn it up at a fast rate to produce the energy that it requires.  One of the most popular high protein low fat diets is the Atkins Diet which suggests that to make sure that your meals are balanced you should have around 20% fat, 35 % protein and 45% carbohydrates in every meal. For this is it very necessary that one should draw up a list of high protein foods and keep track of what he should be eating at every meal. When you are looking to a high protein low fat diet you should make sure that the proteins that you eat are lean proteins or else it will end up having the same effect that fats have on your body. Some of the high protein low fat foods are skinless chicken, turkey, salmon and tuna fish, beans and lentils. Foods that are low on fat like nuts and seeds and green vegetables and fruits also make healthy supplements to be part of a high protein low fat diet plan. For this kind a of diet plan you should make sure that your daily servings are of nearly 2-3 servings of cereals, some milk, a fruit, 1 cup of rice and at least 2 cups of vegetables and 3 portions of lean meat, if you are a vegetarian you could replace the meat with lentils, beans or tofu. Your daily protein consumption should be at least 10 ounces for a high protein and low fat diet. Moreover you should be careful to limit your oil intake, which also means a drastic reduction in fried and junk food and oily food. Try to do most of your cooking with very little oil, more of baking and grilling will be better to regulate the fat and keep it low. All most all of the easy high protein low fat recipes mainly involve eggs and meat, for vegetarians all you need to do is substitute the meat with tofu or Soya bean nuggets that have the same protein content. One simple breakfast recipe is for Ham and mushrooms scrambled eggs. Just mix together 4 eggs and a dash of milk and beat it together. In a frying pan, fry the ham and mushrooms after cutting them into small pieces. When they are done add in the eggs and stir until the eggs become solid. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you want to make it vegetarian all you have to do is substitute the ham with pieces of tofu or cottage cheese. As you being your high protein low fat diet it should be done in consultation with your health worker or dietician  so that you will know which kind of foods and diet would be best for you, it will also help you to prepare a high protein low fat menu.
Submitted on January 16, 2014