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Natural Treatments And Cures For Eczema

Technically called Dermatitis, Eczema is a pervasive skin affliction. It can affect people of all ages and is characterized by reddened skin with a burning sensation, itching, oozing lesions and blisters, and dryness of skin. The causes of eczema are a faulty functioning of the immune system, improper diet, contact with environmental pollutants and allergens, and after-effect of chemicals in cosmetics.  

The cure for this pervasive ailment can be medication or natural cure. Voltaire says, “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”.

So, here are some of the natural remedies to cure Eczema.

The natural cure is a two-fold process, including gastro-intestinal detoxification that includes alteration in dietary regime and skin detoxification.

Diet Tips For Eczema Treatment

Gastro-intestinal detoxification: As said earlier, Psoriasis may be the result of a metabolic disorder. As such, it is required to cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract. These natural diet tips will help to clear the gastro-intestinal tract:

  • The consumption of carrots and grapes can cleanse the digestive tract and stomach, thereby curing the disease.
  • The consumption of animal fat like milk, butter, and non-vegetarian foods must be avoided.
  • Consuming a cup of bitter gourd mixed with a teaspoon of lime juice, on an empty stomach, at least five times a day is beneficial.
  • Fruits like orange, papaya, and melon must be avoided.
  • The consumption of nuts, particularly cashew nuts must be prohibited.
  • An intake of foods with a high mineral content like onion, garlic, and ginger must be avoided.
  • The intake of ice-creams and caffeinated drinks must be restricted.
  • Salad vegetables like cucumber and radish must be avoided.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited for people with Eczema.
  • Smoking is again a strict “No-no”.

Skin detoxification: As Eczema is a skin infection, skin hygiene is particularly important. Keep these points in mind to detoxify your skin:

  • Applying Lavender oil can be of great relief to Eczema patients.
  • The application of a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and garlic oil is very effective in curing the ailment.
  • Avocado oil is also a good home remedy.
  • A regular seawater bath is advisable, preferably once a day.
  • Applying Evening Prime Rose oil is a good remedy to cure Eczema.
  • Using mudpacks on affected regions of the skin also helps detoxify the surface.
  • As preventions is always better than cure, it is better to take remedial actions before the outbreak of this disease. Eczema can be averted by consuming a balanced diet and maintaining personal hygiene.


Submitted on January 16, 2014