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Healthy Snacks for Adults

It has been scientifically proven and accepted that eating small and frequent light meals throughout the day is helpful in enabling adults to maintain optimum weight and also at times lose weight in an effective manner. This is true because eating frequently tends to ensure that one has an active metabolism, however snacking by adults is beneficial only if one opts for healthy snacks for adults and not the usual snacks such as soda, candy bars, chips etc which are high in preservatives and empty calories. There are also certain heart healthy snacks for adults such as vegetable sticks that if accompanied with a low fat dip are a great option as they require no or minimal cooking and are hence easy to prepare besides being highly nutritious and rich in fibers as well. A cup of fresh fruits is also one of the excellent heart healthy snack ideas. This may include a cup of strawberries or grapes or even a whole apple.
Those healthy eating adults who prefer having vegetables may also add some peanut butter to the diced vegetables or celery sticks as this will also increase the protein content of the snack. Heart healthy snack recipes for adults will also include plenty of protein rich ingredients as proteins are required to keep the body strings and also the muscles healthy. Hence one should include cheese slices, olives. Yogurt with granola, peanut butter crackers, trail mix with nuts etc in the various healthy snack options for adults. One need not stick to the traditional thought of having only finger foods as snacks. Instead, adults can also prepare an extra sandwich for themselves and slice it into fourths and this sandwich can then serve as a couple of snacks during the rest of the day. One may also have small servings of leftovers or a cup of soup or a side salad as healthy snacks for adults. Similarly while one is preparing diner one may also wash and then slice a few large potatoes lengthwise. These potatoes may then be tossed into some sea salt and oil and roasted while one eats dinner. Once cooked the roasted potatoes may then be stashed in the refrigerator and used as a snack for the next day.

For those who adults who do not have the luxury of time on account of busy work or travel schedule but still want to have heart healthy snacks, they may opt for protein bars  which have a low sugar content or even baked bagel chips, prepared tuna salad or low fat cottage cheese. Yogurt is yet another one of the healthy snacks for adults’ especially low fat yogurt which is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and proteins and that can be consumed plain or in the form of a smoothie. Additionally yogurt is also available in a variety of flavors thereby preventing adults from getting bored with the same snack option. Popcorn can also serve as a very good healthy snack for adults as it is sugar free, low in fat and calories and also rich in fiber besides being tasty and satiating, However one should not defeat the purpose of a healthy snack by adding too much of butter or salt to the popcorn. Another option for healthy snacks for adults are nuts  which includes almost all types of nuts as they are rich in proteins , however one should be careful not to consume more than three tablespoons of nuts at a time. Some other options for healthy snacks for adults include, hard boiled eggs, sugar free jelly and low fat peanut butter sandwiches, oranges fruit smoothie etc.

Submitted on January 16, 2014