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Uncontrolled Blood Sugar

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems, affecting millions of men, women and even children in the United States. Diabetes is characterized by blood sugar problems, where the levels of glucose or sugar in the blood reach a level that is too high to be healthy. To make matter worse, the sugar levels in diabetes remain elevated, unless strict measures are taken to control them. In order to determine if a person is suffering from diabetes or not, a couple blood tests are carried out to deter what the levels of sugar in an individual’s blood are. The first test is conducted after a fasting period of at least 8 to 10 hours and the second test is conducted later in the same day, around two hours after eating.
According to a diabetes sugar level chart, a normal sugar level is less than 100 mg/ dl while fasting and below 140 mg/ dl after eating. However, based on the time of the day, healthy sugar levels in people without diabetes is much lower. The diabetes sugar level is anything that is above this count. While diabetes cannot be cured, it can be managed, to a great extent, by following a diabetes sugar control diet and taking the right medication. Insulin also pays a very important role in the regulation of sugar levels in the body. Patients are advised to take insulin injections to keep the sugar levels in control. Unfortunately, there are people who do face the problem of uncontrolled blood sugar with insulin.

Is Uncontrolled Blood Sugar With Insulin Normal?

Data shows that uncontrolled blood sugar with insulin is not uncommon, especially in the first few months of beginning the treatment. This is because it may take the health care provider as well as the patient to know what the appropriate doses are. In order to prevent a drastic drop in the sugar levels, many doctors start the treatment with low doses of insulin. Thereafter, it is important for the patient to monitor blood sugar levels regularly and also to look out for any signs of high blood sugar. In case the patient continues to suffer from uncontrolled blood sugar levels, then the doctor may try increasing the dose as required.

Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Symptoms

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels could cause a lot of damage to the body and therefore, they should be checked immediately. One of the first uncontrolled blood sugar symptoms is poor flow of blood to the feet and the legs. This in turn leads to damage in the nerves and blood vessels of the area. If the condition is not checked immediately, one of the uncontrolled blood sugar effects could be amputation.

Some of the other uncontrolled blood sugar symptoms could include:

  • Eye problems like cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy 
  • Kidney problems as well as kidney failure 
  • Damage to the nerves, causing the patient to lose sensation in several parts of the body 
  • Pain in the arms and legs 
  • Teeth and gum diseases

Apart from medication and insulin, it is also important for a patient to take care of his or her diet. In fact, it is possible for a person to notice uncontrolled blood sugar with insulin if his or her diet is very high in glucose. Therefore, it is essential for all diabetics to consult a doctor a design a diet plan that can help keep the levels of blood sugar in check. Lifestyle changes may also be required for healthy blood sugar levels.

In case a person suffers from symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar with insulin for months after starting treatment, it may be best to consult a doctor.

Submitted on January 16, 2014