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Anxiety and Depression Diet 


Anxiety diet is of great help to handle stressful situations. Eating the wrong foods under stress, results in increased anxiety levels. Anti anxiety diet helps in keeping one calm and manage the situation in a better manner. Coffee is the first option; people opt for, under stress. Caffeine in coffee and other beverages increases anxiety levels and makes one jittery.

A cup of chamomile or green tea is a much better alternative. Fruits and veggies come in handy under stressful situations, as they are complex carbohydrates, which functions to increase the serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that keeps the mind in a calm state. Whole grains and cereals are also included in this diet. Small sized meals help in the maintenance of blood glucose levels.

Healthy snacks in between the meals help in preventing stress related anxiety. Eat a balanced diet to help you cope with the situation better. Reduced water intake or excessive perspiration associated with a serious situation results in dehydration. Water or lime juice proves beneficial, as a part of the diet. The precursor of serotonin is the amino acid, tryptophan. Foods such as milk and milk products and turkey are good sources of tryptophan, which has a soothing and calming effect on the mind. At least, two snacks are recommended on a healthy basis. Any deficiencies of nutrients also contribute to increased anxiety levels. A multivitamin supplement proves beneficial.

Regular exercise helps in curbing anxiety levels by the secretion of endorphin. These components help in relaxation and indirectly decrease hypertension and muscle tension. Adequate amount of water and clear liquids are helpful. Avoid energy drinks, fizzy carbonated beverages, chocolates and sodas. Alcohol is always misinterpreted to have a calming effect. It is temporary and an increase in the anxiety levels is seen afterwards. In certain individuals, intake of low fat dairy products, increase anxiety levels. This is attributed to the calcium which plays antagonistic to magnesium, thereby increasing the adrenaline levels.

Too long a gap between meals result in shiver, tremor, irritability and nervousness. Thus it increases the anxiety levels. Keep the interval between meals to the minimum. Opt for fresh and natural foods. Diet and anxiety are correlated and a list of foods that are included in the anxiety diet are beans, turkey, chicken, yoghurt, banana, brown rice, tuna, fruits, garlic, whole grains, spinach, and fresh fish and so on. Foods to be abstained from are processed foods, cheese, chocolate, sugar, pastry, white bread, fast foods and chips.

Lead a stress free life and increase your longevity!

Submitted on March 31, 2010