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Pies And Quiches Baked Dish For Mouth Watering Desserts

Quiches and pies are delicious baked crusty pastries made out of dough.


A pie first originated in England where it was served as a dessert. It is essentially made of a pastry shell made of dough containing a sweet or a savory filling. However, with changing tastes, the way a pie is made has also changed. Today, a pie can be two crust—hollow, with a filling or with a top crust, where on top of the crust a layer of filling is laid down which is further topped up by a layer of mashed potatoes or pastry.
There is also the traditional pie where the filling is completely enclosed in the shell of the pastry.

Pies are baked in special pie dishes and can be of varying sizes. Some pies are smaller - bite sized and baked for just one individual. There are also larger pies that are baked especially for multiple servings.

Pies are basically of two types — savory and sweet. The savory pies are made up of meats, vegetables, and milk products. Some of the popular savory pies are calzones, corned beef pie, pork pie, pasty, minced meat pies, pot pies, chicken pies, shepherd’s pie, mushroom and chicken pie, bacon and egg pie, curry pie, steak pie, butter pie, and many more

The popular sweet pies are apple pie, kiwi fruit pie, crème pie, cheese pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, banana crème pie, custard pie, peach pie, lemon meringue pie, cheese cakes, blackberry pie, pumpkin pie, strawberry pie, rhubarb pie, and sweet potato pie.

The pies with meat in it are very popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The savory pies are popular takeaway foods in these places and are served with chips or fish and chips. Pie floater, popular in Australia, is a pie that has beef and gravy, baked in a short crust pie dish. The pot pies, with their flaky crust with minced meats are very popular in the United States, as is the home made apple pie.

All About Quiches - Easy And Tasty Quiche Preparation

A quiche is a French preparation made out of a batter of eggs, milk, and cream. The quiches are usually double baked, with the pastry being baked first and the rest of the ingredients added for a second round of baking. Like pies, meats, cheeses, and assortment of vegetables are used to make quiches. However, there is one major difference. Quiches are never sweet. They are only made savory and are open pies without any flaky tops and crusts.

Submitted on January 16, 2014