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Musk Mallow Chinese Herb For Green Tea Concentrate

Musk mallow or Malva Moschata is a species of genus Malva. It is found in Europe, Southwestern Asia, Spain, the British Isles, Poland, southern Russia, New Zealand, North America, and Turkey. This plant requires dry and fertile soil to grow. Musk mallow drives its name due to the musk like fragrance of its flower.

The musk mallow is an herbaceous perennial.
It has a hairy stem and foliage and can grow in height to about 32 inches. The leaves are broad and kidney-shaped with five to seven lobes, and are arranged alternately. The basal leaves are very shallowly lobed and are present on the lower stem while those grown higher on the stems are deeply divided, with narrow lobes. The musk mallow flowers grow on the leaf axils in clusters. Each flower has five bright pink petals which contain a distinctive musky odor that give this plant its name. The fruit has a disc like shape and consists of 10 to 16 seeds which are enclosed in a white haired mericarp.

Musk Mallow Uses

The musk mallow is widely used in homes and in the kitchen. It is often used as an ornamental plant to decorate homes. The flowers of the musk mallow are commonly used as wild salads. Its leaves are also used for making tea. Musk mallow seeds are edible and very tasty. They may be eaten raw or lightly roasted. This fruit is also a good source of dietary fiber. The musk mallow is a staple ingredient in Chinese cuisine. Its leaves are also used in salads and as a thickening ingredient in soups.

The musk mallow has many health benefits. Musk mallow seed powder is used for treating oral cavities and digestive ailments. It is also used as an ingredient in the medicines for heart problems. Musk mallow is also used to cure respiratory diseases including asthma. Patients having urine related problems like gonorrhea can also benefit from the medicinal properties of this plant. Musk mallow is a key ingredient in medicines for eye related problems. It is also used as a mouth purifier. It can be used to improve the taste of the mouth by healing damaged taste buds. Regular ingestion of this fruit helps to tone up the cardiac muscles. Musk mallow is also used in improving erectile dysfunction and also increases the sperm count. Musk mallow leaves are used to cure insect bites
Submitted on January 16, 2014