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Tea Tree Health Benefits And Tea Tree Uses

Melaleuca is the other name for tea tree oil. Tea tree has been used by aborigine tribes for several thousand years for its antibacterial and disinfecting qualities. It has also been a subject of research and researchers have found that tea tree and tea tree oil have medicinal properties. Light yellow in color, with a fragrance like nutmeg, tea tree oil is produced by first steaming the leaves of the tea tree and squeezing the oil. Let’s look at the tea tree benefits and tea tree uses.

Tea Tree Essential Oil And Benefits

  • Tea tree has anti-bacterial properties.
    It is believed to heal quite a few tropical infections and wounds. While generally tea tree oil is applied externally, people believe that a mild concoction of tea tree oil, when consumed internally, can cure bacterial infections in the urinary system, excretory system, intestine, stomach and the colon. Tea tree oil is also used to treat tuberculosis.
  • Tea tree oil has anti-microbial qualities and can keep microbes that cause tropical fevers, a mile away.
  • With anti-septic properties, tea tree oil is used to treat wounds and can protect people from the dangers of tetanus and can prevent wounds from becoming septic. Applied to sores, wounds, boils and cuts as well as to insect bites and skin eruptions, tea tree oil can heal and prevent with its anti-septic qualities.
  • The tea tree essential oil has anti-viral properties. Viral bacteria can survive and flourish under extreme weathers by developing a shell around them which is called a ‘cyst’. Tea tree oil can rupture these cysts and kill the viral bacteria. Thus, tea tree oil is good for treating as well as preventing infections like mumps, influenza, cold and chicken pox.
  • Tea tree oil has balsamic properties and is good for one’s complete wellbeing. This oil helps absorb nutrients from food and can protect us from a host of diseases.
  • Tea tree oil has cicatrosant properties, which helps wounds heal and protects them from getting infected. This oil also prevents scars from forming after the boils or eruptions have healed.
  • Tea tree oil brings relief to people suffering from congestion, bronchitis, coughs and other respiratory diseases.
  • Battling a fungal growth? Use tea tree oil. Known for its anti-fungal properties, tea tree oil can cure fungal infections like athlete’s foot, dermatitis.
  • You can rub tea tree oil on your body to ward off insects like mosquitoes, lice, fleas and protect yourself from itchy bites. This oil can kill worms in your body like tape worms, ring worms, hook worms.
  • Tea tree oil can stimulate hormones, improve circulation and can protect you against infections.
Submitted on January 16, 2014